Why hire an architect?

11 May 2022

The advantages of hiring an architect for your self build project.

Hiring an architect should be considered at the earliest stage of a project to gain the most advantages and ensure the project runs smoothly from start to finish. There are many aspects of a self build project that an architect can assist with, from design to overseeing the project. Any new build, renovation or extension project will have a lot to consider regardless of the size and it can be difficult for someone to manage without experience in materials, building regulations and scheduling contractors.

architecturally designed, highly glazed contemporary new build

Architects have immaculate attention to detail and will consider details of the build that simply would not come into consideration without their experience and expertise. Some of the details that architects consider that often get overlooked include: air conditioning or heating systems, ventilation, drainage and fire escape routes. Upon hiring an architect, these issues are out of your hands and will be taken care of for you, alleviating some of the stress of a self build project. 

glass lightwell in home renovation project - Alan Williams Photography

There are certain standards that self build projects must adhere to, from building regulations to planning permission. Architects can assist with your planning application to give you the highest chance of gaining approval, eliminating the back and forth that is a common occurrence without the help of an architect or trained professional. Planning applications are significantly more likely to be approved first time with an architect working on the project, due to the complex details that are taken into consideration when working with an architect.

modern industrial interior design in warehouse conversion

Using specialist software and companies that specialise in the field, architects can produce 3D models and renders that allow you to experience how the project would look before signing off on the design. These 3D models are great for helping envision the finished result, as well as catching any details you may want to be altered before the work commences, preventing costly mistakes.

glass façade design in new build luxury home project

Another advantage to working with an architect is that they have connections within the industry and trusted suppliers that they have proven experience working with. This could be anything from builders to flooring suppliers and it is often the case that architects can offer more choice than sourcing your own materials as they are up to date with the latest industry advances and knowledge. Hiring a builder and managing subcontractors can be time consuming and many architects will have a process for managing external companies in an efficient way. Lastly, architects are required to have professional indemnity insurance, which covers any problems caused by the design work. The homeowner would be protected under the architect’s insurance, whether the effect is immediate or appears after the build is complete.

architect drawing plans for new build dwelling

Your architect can be as involved as you want them to be and can work with you to determine how much of the project you want to manage and be involved in. After years in the industry, Sky House have a number of architects local to the Buckinghamshire area that we can recommend. Just get in touch with the team if you’re looking to start your self build project.

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