Why Choose minimal windows®?

29 February 2024

These are Not Just Products – They are a Luxury Lifestyle

The minimal windows® premium window and door system are a 'must-have' for modern and contemporary design. The slim sightlines ensure a minimalistic look and allow a significant amount of light to flow throughout living spaces. The minimal windows® products can be manufactured to oversized luxury sliding glass doors, pivoting windows, guillotine windows, and slim framed sliding windows, all of which are exclusively available to IQ® Glass in the UK.

minimal windows® UK products are in high demand by top architects and designers, and the innovative NextGen slider boasts the slimmest frames maintaining superior thermal performance with clever engineered details such as the hidden handle with soft open-close function. 

Minimal Windows Overview from IQ Glass Group on Vimeo.

Luxury Sliding Glass Doors

The main feature of the luxury sliding glass doors is the frameless aesthetic that can be achieved through the completely flush base (which boasts a wheel track depth of 12-13mm) and the ability to hide the outer frames within the wall finishes, leaving only the slim horizontal sightlines visible. Each pane can weigh up to 500kg for manually opening sliding doors however, anything greater than this will need to be automated which can also be integrated into a home automation system (as shown above). With the various choices of frame finishes, RAL colours and glass options, (including but not limited to; heated glass or privacy glass) these luxury sliding glass doors have the flexibility to meet the design requirements resulting in them being highly desirable.

View full details of the Posterns Court Project (as pictured above)

View full details of Compayne Gardens (as pictured above)

Vitra Pivot

Pivoting windows are ideal for rear garden extensions, balcony doors or side entry to a building and have been developed over time, mixing the slim sightlines of our minimally framed sliding glass doors into a full height window that can pivot open when required. The stainless steel pivoting points are hidden to allow the large glass window to move effortlessly within the aluminium frame. For more information on the technical aspects of the Vitra pivot click here.

View full details of The Bevel Extension (as pictured above)

Slim Framed Sliding Windows & Guillotine Windows

The Slim Framed Sliding Windows and Guillotine Windows are the go-to for architects and designers looking to create the slimmest framed windows for their contemporary design projects.  With these windows designed to open horizontally (Slim Framed Sliding Windows) or vertically (Guillotine Windows) there are no restrictions on the size of the aluminium framed windows as there would be for windows that swing outwards or inwards, allowing more flexibility of the design. Full height windows are also possible with these products by integrating a frameless balustrade into the window opening to create a modern Juliet Balcony with slim frames.

View full details of Molesey Modern Home Extension (as pictured above)

To view all minimal windows® products at the showroom, contact us to book your personal 1-1 meeting with a technical advisor.

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