What to look for when buying an entrance door

9 September 2020

Have you considered the IQ Ingresso Entrance Doors from IQ Glass?

IQ Glass have launched their own range of contemporary entrance doors. There are three entrance door options within the IQ Ingresso range.

Whether you are looking for an entrance door for a new build project or for a renovation they are a vital component to the overall design and should be carefully considered early on in the project.

Why is it important to think about the entrance door at the initial design stages? Because the entrance door will need to complement the overall design of the build or renovation, it is one of the main design aspects that will give your project kerb appeal.

The design of the entrance door will need to complement the overall design of the house and hint at what lies behind the entrance. Choosing the wrong door could spoil the overall look and feel of the architectural design. So, with so many entrance door options on the market, we spoke to IQ Glass who recently launched their own range of bespoke, luxury entrance doors, for their advice on choosing the right entrance door.

Choosing the right style of entrance door for the project

First impressions count, so choosing the right style for your project will set the tone for the property. Whether it is a classic, contemporary or retro style, the entrance door should complement the build or renovation.

Period style homes have traditional style doors that feature glass and panelled designs which achieve a timeless and classic aesthetic. Mid-century style properties tend to have retro style designs with vibrant colours and occasionally feature stained glass windows. For modern new builds or contemporary style homes the entrance door designs are often solid without any glass in the door itself. They are usually wide with side lights of glazing that are frosted or use fluted glass.

black and silver aluminium entrance door

Choosing the right style of entrance door is especially important when the project is within areas in the UK that have restrictions on the design of entrance doors. IQ Glass explained that properties in the UK, that are within conservation areas, have restrictions that limit the choices for entrance doors. In conservation areas and areas of local character, such as Chelsea, the external face of the door is required to be a specific style that matches the street to preserve the historic aesthetic.

For renovation projects on older properties, timber is a sympathetic choice that can complement the overall design of the property compared to a PVCu entrance door. If the project is a renovation on a Victorian or Georgian home then it would pay off to research into the style of entrance doors from those periods to achieve an authentic style. The Apertio Solid and Belgravia entrance doors are available with timber finishes that can be designed to meet traditional solid timber styles. Contemporary homes on the other hand could be beautifully completed with a sophisticated option from the new IQ Ingresso range.

contemporary aluminium entrance door with three glass panes

What is the best material for your entrance door?

Timber is typically the most popular choice of material for entrance doors as they are integrally strong and can suit a broad range of properties. Timber doors are bespoke and manufactured from solid hardwood or engineered timber.

Aluminium framed entrance doors and composite doors are another option which are highly desired for new properties. There is also the option of steel core doors with external finishes in various materials for a bespoke and versatile design option while maintaining impressive integral strength.

black entrance door with single glass pane

What is the IQ Ingresso range of entrance doors from IQ Glass?

The IQ Ingresso range is a contemporary series of entrance doors that have all been designed with ground breaking styles and outstanding core strength. They offer homeowners a new option for impressive kerb appeal and luxury design. The modern design detailing is a key factor with the IQ Ingresso range of entrance doors, the bespoke nature of each product oozes with modernity and sophistication.

Belgravia Entrance Door

The Belgravia Entrance Door is available in a wide selection of styles and finishes to create either a contemporary or traditional aesthetic. One of the main aspects of the Belgravia Entrance Door is that it is available with a different finish on the internal and external faces – so externally the door can appear traditional while internally the door is super contemporary to match the modern interior design.

There are over 20 door designs to choose from, each with a large option of colours, finishes, handle options and knockers. This makes the Belgravia Entrance Door an exceptionally versatile product that can be tailored in so many ways to achieve the perfect finish to the home. The abundance of design options and door operation options makes the Belgravia the ultimate entrance door to suit any property.

contemporary entrance door with steel core

Not only are the aesthetics of this door impressive, but the make up of the internal door structure is equally so. The door structure features a steel sheet core with layers of insulation to achieve above and beyond modern performance ratings. A thermal break mat is also located within the centre of the door which helps to reduce cold bridging between the internal and exterior faces of the entrance door.

The Belgravia Entrance Door can achieve; Class 4 security, 43dB acoustic performance, Class 4 air permeability, Class 5A water resistance, Class C5 wind resistance. Download the product specification sheet here or view the product in the Sky House Design Centre.

red contemporary aluminium entrance door

Apertio Solid Entrance Door

This entrance door is the pinnacle of contemporary entrance door design. The door is designed on a pivoting system that’s seamlessly integrated within the top and bottom door frame for a sleek finish. The door is made with a reinforced steel core that is coated in a choice of materials to meet the specific design requirements of each project.

The Apertio Solid Entrance Door can be finished in a choice of timber, lacquered glass, ceramic, and metallic panels. As with the Belgravia Entrance Door, the Apertio Solid can be designed with different finishes to the interior and exterior sides.

Wooden effect finish on an aluminium entrance door

The Apertio Solid Entrance Door is available as a single door measuring a maximum of 2.2m wide by 3m tall, with optional side glazing. The door is flush with the wall and has hidden hinges. This entrance door can be finished in a choice of either porcelain, lacquered glass, timber or metallic.

This modern entrance door wouldn’t be complete without mentioning its outstanding performance ratings; class 3 break in resistance, Class 2-4 to EN12207 air permeability, up to 5A to EN12208 water resistance, C4/C5 to EN12210 resistance to wind load, 38dB acoustic insulation, and a Uw value 1.0-1.6 W/m²K.

Download the product specification sheet here or view the Apertio Solid Entrance Door at the Sky House Design Centre, call or email us to arrange your visit.

aluminium dark timber effect entrance door

Apertio Glass Entrance Door

The Apertio Glass Entrance Door is a super contemporary product that looks most impressive when installed within glass facades. The modern luxury finish combined with integral strength offers a front door that is guaranteed to create an outstanding entrance feature.

These entrance doors are available at an impressive height of 6m tall x 3.2m wide with triple glazing and a laminated glass depth of 80mm. The glass specification (multiple panes of laminated glass with a high-security outer pane and a double laminate inner pane) achieves outstanding levels of security.

The Apertio Glass Entrance Door is available with side glazing and overhead glazing for an all-glass entrance design. Concealed within the slim frame are the pivots which allows seamless opening and a sleek aesthetic. The frame of this door is manufactured from aluminium which is available in 12 different colours, ranging from a deep blue to lagoon green, copper and pearl.

Download the product specification sheet for the Apertio Glass Entrance Door here.

minimal aluminium framed glass entrance door

Security for an entrance door

Modern entrance doors are required to be safe and easy for residents and guests to travel through, but they also need to serve the function of keeping out all unwanted visitors.

The IQ Ingresso range of entrance doors from IQ Glass have automated euro cylinder locks with 8 point locking and internal defender plates, which are operated by either a manual locking system, automated remote control, automated locking with finger print recognition, automated locking with keypad recognition, automated locking with a key card or contactless operation with the use of a smart phone.

locking system for IQ's aluminium entrance doors

Building regulations for an entrance door

Entrance doors are required to have a level threshold so that wheelchair users can enter and leave the property without having to manoeuvre a step, according to Part M of the England & Wales Building Regulations. However, sometimes a step can be allowed if there is suitable wheelchair access through a different door in the property – and renovations and extensions do not need to comply with Part M.

A level threshold is one that has a step that is no more that 15mm, and the door needs to be at least 838mm wide. The frame surrounding the door also needs to be Part M compliant which means that it should be no less than 15mm.

contemporary aluminium entrance door from IQ Glass

Entrance doors need to be considered at the early design stages of the project so that they can be designed to match the architectural and interior design intended for the project. Bespoke entrance doors, like the IQ Ingresso range from IQ Glass, come with lead times that will vary depending on the specification of the door, so it will be important to know this lead time early so that it can be included within the construction plan.

There are so many design options for the IQ Ingresso range, many of which can be seen in person at the IQ Glass showroom within Sky House Design Centre. Call or email us to arrange you appointment to the showroom where you can discuss your project in detail with the technical advisors.

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