What To Include In Your Smart Home Automation System

25 August 2020

Home automation specialists IndigoZest allow clients to have leading technologies within their homes and to control them remotely from anywhere in the world. From automated lighting systems which mimic living patterns to deter intruders, to fully equipped home cinemas, IndigoZest provide the ultimate smart home experience. Keep reading to discover some of the specialist services that they offer.

Smart Lighting

Smart lighting is essential for any smart home. IndigoZest allow you to change the mood of your home with a single push of a button whilst also ensuring that energy is used sparingly and only when necessary.

Lighting is an incredibly valuable tool in really bringing your home to life, especially considering that IndigoZest are able to tailor your smart lighting systems to both your home’s style and your lifestyle. What’s more, lighting can be used to create the façade that your home is occupied, when in reality the house is empty. This is achieved with the help of randomised lighting patterns throughout the home – this intelligent use of lighting is a perfect example of the benefits of having a smart home automation system.

smart lighting - home automation lighting

Home Cinema

The allure and attraction of a home cinema is obvious. The highest quality sound and video entertainment can be installed right into your abode, in order to allow you to fully immerse yourself into the world of cinema. The perfect ‘cinema mood’ can be achieved by the carefully planned employment of shading, lighting and acoustic treatment, which aims to reduce any background noises that might interrupt your experience.

IndigoZest offers the choice of either a ‘media room’ or a fully dedicated home cinema, the former of which can be used both as a family tv room, whilst also having the capacity to serve as a domestic cinema. The home cinema room, however, is fully kitted out with rows of recliner seats, cup holders, the highest quality projector and complete surround sound.

Smart Home Security

Your home is where you keep everything that’s most important to you, whether that be people or possessions. Therefore, it makes sense to protect your smart home with a fully integrated security system.

This includes outdoor and indoor CCTV cameras, as well as a smart home door intercom system, which allows you to see/talk to visitors at your door and/or gate on touchscreens throughout the home or when you are not at home, via smartphone.

Alternatively, if you don’t want to be bothered whilst you are at home, the intercom can be set to ‘Do Not Disturb’ allowing you to indulge in your home in peace.

Moreover, IndigoZest can work with your chosen installer to integrate an intrusion detection system into your smart home. The key features of this include the automatic closure of all blinds/curtains, turning off electronic devices, an automated dog barking sound if the doorbell is rung and using your Smart Lighting system to give intruders the impression that you’re home.

Climate Control

IndigoZest’s climate control systems allow different rooms in your home to have their own sub-climates, tailored to the temperature tastes of different residents in your home.

In order to ensure that your heating system, such as radiators or underfloor heating, don’t operate at the same time as your air conditioning system, a single integrated control is required. Not only does this guarantee that your preferred temperature is achieved, but it also saves energy – sensors can be implemented into your home in order to turn on/switch off your system if doors and windows are opened/closed.

retractable tv suspended from ceiling - smart automation home cinema

Hidden Technology

With all this technology there could be a risk of over cluttering your home with devices and cables. Only half of the technology (amplifiers, network equipment etc.) used in a smart home setup can be stored in a centralised location, IndigoZest provide solutions to this potential problem.

TVs can emerge from the ceiling or from the floor so as not to obstruct views and can be hidden in furniture, or even behind artwork, in order to prevent it from dominating the room. Speakers and TVs can also be finished in the same colour as the surrounding walls and ceilings, or if that isn’t enough, speakers can be installed into walls and ceilings whilst still retaining a brilliant sound quality.

To speak to IndigoZest or book a showroom appointment, where you can see some of the smart systems in action, simply get in touch.

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