What Should I Include on my Property Development to get a Return on my Investment?

18 May 2023

Tips and Tricks for Successful Property Development

Investing in properties has proven to provide great business. There are a few things that should be considered when going into this business to ensure you receive a return on your investment.

These include the structure, accessibility and functionality of the building. In recent years, that has been an increase in buyers and renters wanting more tech-savvy solutions that make life that much easier. The Sky House Design Centre have a number of tenants who are able to provide these solutions, helping you get a return on your investment.

Convenience is Key

One of the main requirements for a homeowner, whether they are a new buyer or are an older buyer, they will be paying attention to the convenience provided by the property. Convenience can be anything from location to the building usability.

This may make you want to consider integrating a home lift into the property. These are becoming increasingly popular as they allow easy access between the living spaces. Adding a home lift by Gartec into your home can instantly provide an uplift in value as a unique and convenient feature that not every building will have.

Home Lifts by Gartec

Installing a home lift into the home can attract the older buyers who are put off by staircases. Home lifts are also great for new mothers with shopping and prams to those with disabilities. Adding a home lift means there is more potential interested parties to push the sale price up.

The installation process of these Gartec home lifts can only take around three days with no structural changes required, making the process very quick and cost effective. With a range of aesthetic finishes available, these home lifts provide a real design feature, setting the home apart from the rest.

Modern Technology for the Home

Modern Home Technology ensures a return on your property development.

Over the past few years there has been an increase in demand for homeowners wanting more from their living environment through the use of home technology. This makes it very important to provide customers with the correct understanding of the benefits of home integration.

Home integration can involve integrated television, home cinema, lighting control, multi-room audio, security and other systems through a centrally controlled network. These systems are designed to the customers exact requirements and needs to provide convenient, time-saving and cost-saving benefits of controlling electronics through a central control, or even remotely.

Smart Home Technology by Indigozest

Investing in modern home technology early on in your project can offer the opportunity to turn your family home into your retirement home with no additional upheaval.

Home technology systems designed by Indigozest are a sound investment in the value of a client’s home. These systems are developed to handle a customer’s needs today, as well as expand to meet the needs of tomorrow. With a deep product knowledge, they are able to select the best components to suit the home design and usage patterns. Indigozest are able to work with the homeowner to develop a plan, to ensure the best integrated home experience.

Create a Great First Impression

Internal Spiral UK Staircase

Staircases are starting to become one of the most important items of any new or refurbished property development. Spiral UK have mentioned that they are finding that more and more homeowners are looking to create an impression from the minute someone steps through the door of their property. Usually, this first statement piece that is seen is the staircase.

Staircases are always a focal point of any build with many interiors being designed around the staircase and its associate balustrade.

Focus on Flooring

A great selling point for property developers is to integrate beautiful flooring into your interior design. Underfloor heating is a great feature for any home, providing a comfortable living space, reducing the need for unsightly heaters throughout the property.

Exterior Solutions Flooring

Porcelain tiles are perfect for providing a heated floor space as they retain about 30 – 40% more heat than engineered flooring, making it more energy and cost efficient in the long run . These tiles also require very little maintenance so even if the homeowners decide to move out within 5-10 years, you will not need to worry about changing or upgrading the flooring.

Increase Value with a Stunning Kitchen and Bathroom

It has been estimated that a new kitchen can add around 4-6% to the value of your property and for a new bathroom, it potentially can add 5%. Max Brown, Sales Director at Watermark Kitchens and Bathrooms , noted: “Neutral, flexible, simple yet stylish. These are important factors when considering the renovation of your kitchen or bathroom.”

By having an already beautiful kitchen or bathroom, potential buyers are able to visualise the potential of their new home. Even updating the fixtures, fittings and appliances can make a great difference to the home and value. Open plan kitchen and dining spaces are increasing in popularity , making buyers more willing to pay more for a spacious and modern area.

Open Plan Kitchen by Watermark Kitchens

Investing in high quality work surfaces and creating emphasis on the ease of accessibility between the sink, fridge and oven creates more value. It is very important to evaluate the amount you initially invest into the kitchen in comparison to the value of your property.

You may even want to consider adding an extra bathroom or en-suite to cater for a growing family. However, converting an existing bedroom into a bathroom, may even end up devaluing your home depending on the location of your property and the neighbourhood.

It is always best to discuss your requirements with an expert who is able to advise on the suitable options bespoke to the property development.

Need Help with your Property Development?

If you are looking for expert advice on what to include on your property development to get a return on your investment then please do not hesitate to contact the members at the Sky House Design Centre.

If you would like to visit our showroom, based in Amersham, please call 01494 722880 or email info@skyhousedesigncentre.com to book an appointment. By visiting our showroom you will be able to receive expert advice as well as try and test a broad range of interior design products that will improve your property development.

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