Wearable Tech Show

7 March 2017

Indigozest will be taking part in the Wearable Tech Show on the 8 th March at Excel, London. The Wearable Tech Show involves a lot of smart home technology and all things lifestyle tech based.

Indigozest will be moderating on a panel discussion on ‘Connected Living – Homes Looking After Us’ where they will be discussing how wearables now work in tandem with smart objects and help to manage and improve wellbeing, connect with cars, collaborate utility efforts and improve industry collaboration. This discussion will answer questions such as ‘Which new services will soon be available?’ and ‘Is this a better future overall for us and our planet?’.

Indigozest will also be discussing the latest smart home gadgets and whether they are a fad or are here for a long period of time. Discussion points will include which gadgets are Indigozest’s favourites, which of these new gadgets will be big changes to smart home automation and is there a future for these gadgets in the home.

For more information on the Wearable Tech Show and the panels Indigozest will be taking part in, please call Indigozest on 01923 883979 or email info@indigozest.co.uk.

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