Watermark Kitchens and IQ Glass collaborate on luxury eco home development

3 April 2024

Watermark Kitchens & IQ Glass collaboration on luxury eco dwellings

Three exquisite low carbon luxury homes were built amidst the picturesque landscapes of Chiltern in Chalfont St. Giles IQ Glass was commissioned to supply and install high performance minimal windows sliding glass doors and structural frameless glazing elements strategically positioned to showcase the breathtaking views of the verdant greenery in this Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB). Watermark Kitchens created and installed beautiful bespoke open plan kitchens combining wild oak and black satin finishes for a bold yet inviting design.  

Watermark Kitchen collaborates with IQ Glass on luxury eco homes

High specification glazing elements and bespoke kitchen to luxury eco homes

Large structural glass rooflights maximise natural light into the elegant open plan kitchen pitched at angles in harmony with the roof offering privacy to the other eco properties. Focused on blending modern luxury with eco-conscious design, the trio of dwellings were conceived not only as opulent residences but also as contributors to reducing carbon emissions. Crafted by Rosguill Developments, these three low carbon luxury homes seamlessly integrate into their rural surroundings, thanks to the high specification glazing and interiors. Casement windows and doors adorn all elevations with the homes' facade reflecting the project's sustainability commitment, featuring a blend of natural indigenous Chiltern flint and black timber that harmonises with the AONB's natural landscape. Expansive photovoltaics on the oversized pitched roofs augment off-grid power generation, aligning the structural frameless roof glazing with the roofs' angles. 

HDAr's design prioritised privacy among the three buildings sharing the same plot, carefully situating glazed elements to afford uninterrupted views of the mature grounds while ensuring privacy and preventing overlooking between residences. 

A trio of luxury eco dwellings in Chalfont St Giles boasts architectural frameless glazing by IQ Glass and luxury wild oak kitchens by Watermark Kitchens.

An ingenious architectural detail pays homage to the site's former agricultural buildings with aluminum-clad silos adding a simple decorative element. Casement slot windows allow natural light into these silos. The project epitomises the harmonious fusion of luxury living, environmental consciousness, and architectural excellence, presenting a trio of low carbon luxury biophilic homes that offer exceptional living experiences while serving as sustainable structures within The Chilterns' idyllic setting. 

Hentucks Farm featured on The Luxury Home Show. Inside an ultra efficient eco home

Are you working on a luxury low carbon home development and seek architectural glazing with a high spec bespoke kitchen at the heart of it? Contact us today!  

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