Umbris Wins Build It Award 2015

6 October 2015

Umbris louvre roof has won the category of ‘Best Home Technology’ in the 2015 Build It awards.

It’s an astonishing start for the contemporary design product, Umbris which is one of the newest companies to join the design centre, having only launched onto the UK market this year. Already, the Umbris louvre roof has won the category of ‘Best Home Technology’ in the 2015 Build It awards.

It is an all-weather patio roof perfect for contemporary home designs to extend living spaces outside. The patio roof design enables you to create either sunny or shaded outdoor living areas , with an integrated gutter within the louvres you can also create a fully watertight patio roof when closed, functioning as a sun and rain protection. Additionally, during the winter months the louvres can be tilted to allow the warmth from the sunlight to enter the house, as a result making it more energy efficient.

Umbris was awarded ‘best home technology’ which stood out for its lifestyle benefits. The Umbris louvre roof is highly adaptable to suit different design requirements, installations can be; free standing, post supported, building supported, as well as cantilevered. Being able to choose dimensions, design and additions enables the Umbris to be custom made to create the perfect outdoor space suited to individual lifestyles.

By using expertise and contemporary design methods Umbris can create automated louvre roofs that are at the forefront of design and technology, creating a design focal point to your home with new indoor-outdoor living spaces.

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