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18 August 2023

Unique garden designs to incorporate exterior living spaces

As we strive for better and healthier living the trend and focus of design towards the external of the house can be understood. People and families want to spend more time in their gardens, whatever the weather, to eat, socialise, relax and enjoy their free time.

Therefore, the design and layout of a garden space should take as much precedence as the colour of your new kitchen counters!

KönigOutdoor recommend that the garden design and planning should be done in conjunction with the house renovation or build.

Often the design of a garden is left until the rear extension or build is complete. This can pose problems on the feasibility of the wanted design. If the design of the garden is thought out and considered whilst building works are undertaken then wiring for external lighting and plumbing for water features can be installed whilst the house is a building site.

Ensuring that the garden design is considered alongside the interior design of your space will create a more fluid feel from inside to out.

Lighting can be used to great effect within a garden space to highlight focal features within the garden. With the increasing popularity of large glass expanses to the rear of a property there is a danger that at night that the garden can look like a great dark abyss. Using clever and well-designed placement of lighting can create a ‘living picture’ through the rear elevations of glass.

Modo Vitro Awnings

You need to consider what you want to use your garden for. For families an area of lawn is a great and versatile option that allows for free play. You can integrate these family friendly areas with seating areas, planting spaces and alfresco dining facilities for a versatile and functional garden space for everyone.

Separating your garden design into clear sections can help cater for everyone. For the eco warrior in your midst planting nectar rich flowering plants within the garden will be a great source of sustenance for bees. Our gardens are becoming an increasingly important source of nectar for them.

Advances in external lighting and heating can create an external living space that can help combat even the worst of British weather. The Modo Vitro range from IQ Glass incorporates modern external LED lighting, automated awnings and glass garden rooms to allow you to enjoy your external space comfortably through wind or rain.

To push the boundaries of alfresco living even further why not consider an Outdoor Kitchen. More substantial than a mere BBQ an outdoor kitchen is the ultimate garden installation for keen party hosts. KönigOutdoor can help design and plan your outdoor kitchen in conjunction with you garden design. Smooth and durable sintered stone surfaces with a durable weatherproof structure offer luxury and longevity to your forever home. 

Internal kitchen counters that continue inside to outside can help hide and continue power and plumbing to the external kitchen. This continuous flow from inside to outside blurs the lines of inside to outside even further.

Or you could consider creating an external living area hidden away from view for more private entertaining. A fire pit or external fire place can provide heat and light and a cosy relaxed feel to these external living rooms.

Garden works don’t have to be undertaken straight away or all at once, some clients preferring a phased work schedule, but at least the ideas and design can be in place. Visit Sky House Design Centre for advice and inspiration for all areas of your project and build.

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