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16 June 2016

Creating a Snow Room in your home spa

Why make a short one-day appointment at the Spa, when you can indulge in this fantasy every day, anytime and include your friends and family as well, within the confines of your own home spa?

snow rooms specialist glazing  

The above image illustrates using a pivot window to create a link between the inside and outside spa area.

cornwall terrace sauna

Cornwall Terrace – IQ Glass UK – Sauna

Spas have traditionally been all about hot: saunas, steam rooms, Jacuzzis, hot rocks and massages. But now home spas are bravely stepping out into the cold. More and more icy therapies and cold experiences are appearing in people’s home spas. The newest trend for 2016 being snow rooms as a hot and cold contrast treatment.

daily mail snow room  

The Daily Mail – Snow Room
Cold experience rooms can be anything from an ice fountain (a chute which delivers ice into a bowl) to a fully sealed room with solid ice on the walls, ceiling and floors. These enclosed spaces also sometimes referred to as snow rooms, these normally have lighter, fluffier snow you can pick up, mould and roll in.
Contrasting hot-cold therapy treatments have been around for more than 2,000 years, the Romans ended their spa circuit with a trip to the ‘frigidarium’ (a large cold bath) and it is tradition in Sweden to roll in the snow after a sauna.

cold snow rooms

Why is the cold good for you?

Generally, cold experience rooms are used in tandem with hot experience rooms. You’ll spend 10 minutes in the sauna before entering a snow room to bring your body temperature back down from being very hot. This combination of hot and cold is thought to boost your circulation.
There are numerous other health benefits from using cold snow treatments. Improving circulation and reducing cellulite in addition to reducing pain and inflammation in muscles and joints.
Internationally, snow rooms are a trend that is catching onto the UK.

How to Create a Snow Room

If you have ever wanted to experience a snow room in your own home, now is your chance. The incredibly popular trend is appearing in most extravagant new builds and renovations from basements extensions to a complete home wellness centre.

These cold indoor spaces will have a dramatically different air temperature from the rest of your home and the surrounding spa area which will likely be quite warm. Therefore it is important that these spaces are properly designed into your building project with thermally efficient walls and doors.

Electrical Heated Glass, on show within the Glazing Innovations space at Sky House, is popular in these rooms to stop condensation building up on cold glass, maintaining views out through the glass door of your snow room.

Incorporate your snow room into a larger home spa bathroom design by IQ Bathrooms who can expertly integrate these cold experience spaces into a larger bathroom or spa design.

Contact Sky House Design Centre for design advice on creating your own home spa. 

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