Top Interior Trends 2023

22 March 2023

Interior trends for 2023: Making a statement with colour and texture

The world of interior design is constantly evolving, and 2023 is no exception.  Home interior trends are all about making a statement with texture and an indulgent splash of colour.  As we move away from the subdued and muted post-pandemic decor, it's time to embrace boldness and luxury with the latest interior trends for your home interior. From luxe tactile fabrics to soft neutrals there is a plethora of frameworks that can shape your scheme. Read on to discover the top interior trends for 2023 and get inspired to make your own statement in your home.

Internal timber cladding by Avino

Avino - timber in architecture

Timber is a timeless material used within construction from foundations to cladding.  Today, specifiers choose timber to align with decor schemes and to create statement focal points and partitioning for a luxe finish. New beautiful sliding timber room dividers, bamboo battening and louvres by Avino are available in a plethora of distinctive timber wood mean that the most ambitious and beautiful interior design schemes can be achieved. 

Natural wood effect flooring provides a base in which accents of vivid and rich colours can make a striking effect.

Finest nature-inspired neutral flooring 

Interior trends is all about bringing the beauty of the natural world into our homes. Luxury homes are now turning to nature-inspired flooring to create a seamless transition from one space to the next. This allows for the addition of bright and bold accents of colour to be introduced into the scheme, creating a playful and juxtaposition of texture and colour. 

Equally, nature-inspired timber flooring combined with neutral natursal elements can create a serene and comfortable 'Japandi' interior design 

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Colour in kitchens

Colour, lighting & control in kitchens

Continuing the contemporary clean feel of nature-inspired flooring, colour and form is trending in the hub of the 2023 home. Contrasting blacks, whites, blues, reds, greens, and inky blue cabinetry can add those crucial 'layers' to a scheme that create a warm and welcoming vibe. Lighting control complements the ambience you seek to achieve with every colour under the spectrum possible. Lighting can be used to highlight sculptural forms of light pendants, elegant cascading chandeliers, as well as cast shadows to add drama to an interior.

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control for 2023 interiors

As smart home control becomes ever more pervasive with more App-based appliances connecting to the home network, control pads, switches and remote controls can be more discreet with the capbility of controlling multiple rooms. Automated blinds, audio, HVAC, Media and access control appear high on the 'wishlist' for luxury home design.  Aside from lighting control, minimal framed glazing is a growing trend that contributes towards healthy living environments allowing plenty of natural daylight to enter a space. 

Timber frames 

Timber Frames

Timber window and door frames have been a timeless trend for years with classic earthy colours in window joinery making for a popular and stylish look. Today, we are seeing more colours than the traditional white or beige.  Vivid colours are used to accentuate a warm and homely ambiance.

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Sustainability in design is not a fad, but a continuing commitment of homeowners to achieve enduring interiors designs within their homes that do not have to 'cost the earth'.  The provinence of good and raw materials throught the supply chain is starting to take precedence with savvy consumers consciously making environmentally friendly choices for a more sustainable home.

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