There’s still time to invest in an outdoor kitchen

11 August 2023

Don't let a bit of rain dampen your alfresco dining dream!

With July being the wettest summer month on record since 1936, many of us have had to bring the furniture inside to prevent it from perishing.  

With a KönigOutdoor luxury kitchen, it is made to measure and built to last just as a permanent domestic kitchen. The outdoor kitchen range can endure extreme temperatures, both hot and cold. Despite the bout of torrential downpours in July, the UK overall is experiencing drier and warmer climate.  

Why are outdoor kitchens so popular in the UK?

Outdoor kitchens are becoming increasingly popular in the UK, not just because of the warmer weather experienced overall. The convenience of not worrying about stains or spillages with the additional living space gained for family and friends to enjoy ranks high.  However, many professional chefs claim to always cook outdoors throughout the year, particularly when cooking fish which requires high temperatures and short cooking times. Fresh fish smells wonderful cooked fresh, but when cooked inside, can leave a lingering odour for several days and so the benefits are obvious.  But not all outdoor kitchens are made equal.

So, why a KönigOutdoor kitchen for the ultimate alfreco dining experience?? With a KönigOutdoor kitchen, outdoor entertainment could not get hotter. Turning outside dining on its head, KönigOutdoor recently introduced a great range of high-quality kitchens at its inaugural KönigOutdoor showroom event, with all the usual additions you would expect to find in your regular kitchenThink pizza ovens, outdoor grills, hobs, and fridges too. 

Pizza oven in a KonigOutdoor luxury outdoor kitchen

KönigOutdoor bespoke units are robust to withstand the elements, and every kitchen is supplied with a matching 12mm thick sintered stone worksurface which is available in eight contemporary finishes. A selection of high-end appliances are also available, such as a pizza oven or an outdoor grill.

If you're looking to make use of your outdoor space and want to embrace outdoor living while increasing the value of your property,  contact Sky House to book a showroom visit.

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