The new range of outdoor fires

9 May 2019

Specialist Outdoor Fireplaces

Urban Fires have just launched a new range of specialist outdoor fireplaces all designed to create ambient, enclosed living areas. Some outdoor living spaces have restrictions regarding the installation of an outdoor fireplace as some fires cannot be installed to areas where there is a roof or more than two walls.

If outdoor space is restricted by existing walls and a roof, then it usually isn't possible to install an open-fronted gas fireplace. Therefore, Urban Fires have launched a new range of innovative fireplace designs that provide the desired ambience and level of heat to spaces such as extensions, enclosed outdoor spaces and pergola systems.

Within this new range of fireplaces, there are three design options (one includes a see-through option) and all available with fuel bed options (including the LED WOW factor, fuel bed).

The see-through vertical outdoor fireplace is a modern fireplace design that is suitable for enclosed spaces offering ambience and real heat. This fireplace can be controlled via a remote control, smartphone app or home automation. This outdoor fireplace has a double burner and a fuel bed with high definition images of ceramic logs, white Carrara pebbles in a choice of white or grey stones. This see-through fireplace can be designed to outstanding sizes (UFVertical-OD = 724x1600mm, UF1400-OD = 1400x418mm, UF750-OD = 716x650mm), Flue Size ø 200/130mm (minimum one metre height).

The other fireplaces in the range include the 1400 linear outdoor fires, 1400 linear with WOW factor fuel bed, the small outdoor fireplace (UF650-OD), outdoor vertical fireplace. All the fireplace designs in the range can be manufactured to the same sizes and Urban Fires will have the fireplace manufactured to the desired design to meet the requirements of your outdoor space.

See fireplaces from Urban Fires at the Sky House Design Centre. To arrange a showroom visit with Urban Fires simply call 01494 722 880


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