The New Luxury

28 October 2020

How interior design is changing post pandemic

In the midst of a global pandemic, the word luxury has a new definition. Homeowners are seeking functionality above all else and their surroundings need to reflect this whether that’s outdoor living areas, dedicated exercise spaces or the ability to create zones within the home.

On the external face of a home, having a shared entryway is becoming a thing of the past. The demand for private entrances is rising and people want the ease of having their own main entrance. Although this stemmed from social distancing precautions, private entrances are symbolic of wealth and luxury. There are a range of tenants at Sky House to help you choose the perfect door for your home. 

Amenities that were previously considered a luxury are now becoming essential. Exercise spaces within the home, or even a home gym, are essential to a lot of people’s wellness. Having a room or space solely for this purpose is high on the list of features homeowners are seeking.

Wellness spaces often follow a biophilic design, helping forge a strong connection between indoor and outdoor environments. Often we associate biophilic design with house plants and nature but using slim framed or frameless glazing systems in these rooms is the best way to seamlessly merge indoor and outdoor environments. Natural light, achieved with highly glazed areas, has been proven to improve health, productivity and wellness. Paired with your favourite houseplants, we can see why this area of the home has become essential in the modern day.

Throughout the lockdown period, gardens and wintergardens became saviours for homeowners seeking fresh air and socialising from a social distance, when permitted. In residential developments where a wintergarden is provided as amenity space, IQ Glass can provide next generation systems. Instead of completely closed, traditional wintergarden spaces, multi-purpose and opening elements can be incorporated to achieve a better connection to outdoor environments.

Another essential aspect of home design is ventilation – achieved either by incorporating opening window and door elements or having a smart home ventilation system. Automated venting rooflight systems are available from IQ Glass, providing all the benefits of ventilation whilst adding tonnes of natural light to the areas below. The home technology experts at IndigoZest are on hand if you want to integrate a ventilation system into your smart home seamlessly.

Internal glass screen separating modern kitchen and minimalist living room

As well as highly ventilated living spaces, open plan living is no longer a desirable design due to its lack of functionality. Now that we are using our homes for more than ever before, dedicated zones are required and homeowners need to be able to separate areas. Broken plan living is becoming more sought after and open plan layouts require flexibility to ensure productive workspaces can be achieved.

Internal glazing is a trend set to continue rising throughout 2021, with people working from home requiring the ability to close the door on a home office. By using glass, privacy can be achieved without disrupting paths of natural light. various technical glazing solutions can be integrated within the internal glazing systems for the ultimate functionality. These include switchable privacy glass, acoustic reduction glass and many more. Home offices benefit hugely from these solutions as they provide an optimum environment for productivity as well as introducing an elegant aesthetic to the home.

Although homes need to be equipped for home working, playful elements are also being incorporated into interior design schemes. These playful elements act as a reminder that the home is about more than a dedicated workspace and helps to separate dedicated work zones from other living areas. These elements could include colourful kitchens, bold furniture choices, feature walls or statement art pieces.

Ultimately, the new definition of luxury represents functionality. The demand for personalised, automated systems that are tailored to individual needs has hugely increased in the wake of lockdown. There is a distinct need for your home to work for you, rather than the other way around.

The smart home technology systems from IndigoZest are designed to enhance your home and style of living. Each project is considered on a completely individual basis, with various technologies available depending on property type and client needs. Smart home systems can be operated by a central hub, simple wall switches or at the tip of your fingers with smart phones.

On the external face of a home, one element that is largely regarded as luxury is the use of sustainable building materials. Technowood, the revolutionary building material, can help build a sustainable home by using a natural wood product that uses up to 98% less timber in production. Using sustainable building materials adds value to a property, making it a desirable trait for the future.

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