The Latest Trends in Smart Home Automation

20 July 2017

Microchip Access, Facial Recognition & Retina Detection

Smart home automation is fast growing to find ways to make living that much easier. With technology rapidly increasing you are now able to control everything in your home with the touch of a button or even your voice.

One of the latest trends is to find ways to access your home without the need for keys. This will provide easy access to your home without having to worry about losing your keys. Microchip access to your home is currently available and although there are a few people trialling them, it is not a popular solution. There are still many questions and concerns about Data Security and how it is protected and even if a user’s body can be hacked.

So although it may seem like a great idea, the only actual benefit is that it can open a door without the need for you to carry your keys everywhere you go.

Smart home automation devices have improved on this idea by inserting microphones, cameras and sensors into the fabric of a home so that it recognises your every facial movement. Voice detection is also available so that you can voice a command from anywhere in your home without having to unlock a smartphone or use a remote control.

In relation to door access, this technology can be used outside of the home using special facial recognition cameras to unlock your door. Facial recognition and retina detection is much more complex and detailed when recognising your features and can also be used as a security measure for your home. These systems are very sophisticated as they are able to recognise different facial expressions to unlock your door and can double up as CCTV , designed to look like burglar alarms for additional security.

If you are planning a new build or are looking for ways to integrate smart home automation into your property then contact Indigozest by calling 01923 883 979 or email . Alternatively, you can book a showroom visit at the Sky House Design Centre to see everything we have on display including a range of smart home automation controls for you to view and test. Call us on 01494 722880 or email .

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