The Latest Trend: Hygge

17 October 2016

How Can The Sky House Design Centre Help You Achieve A Hygge Home?

A very popular trend at the moment is Hygge. Hygge is a Danish word meaning ‘a feeling or mood that takes genuine pleasure in making ordinary, everyday things more meaningful, beautiful or special.’

Hygge is referred to by some as an “art of creating intimacy”. There are many words used to describe the idea of hygge including cosiness, happiness, security, comfort, and simpleness.

The Sky House Design Centre is able to help you achieve a Hygge home, starting from your front door and passing through each room. Elizabeth at Urban Front has given a perfect explanation as to why their front doors are the best way to start creating your Hygge home. “With winter approaching, your ability to ‘hygge’ your home with one of our unique doors has never been more possible. An Urban Front door offers natural texture, security and an extra layer of warmth and style to your home with ultra-insulation, steel reinforcement and hardwoods from all over the world.  That feeling of protection is further enhanced with the very welcoming size of the doors and the easy handling.”

urban front hygge home

Moving into the home, there are a range of ways to create the perfect Hygge house starting with wall coverings from Exterior Solutions, to smart home automation from Indigozest and fireplaces by Urban Fires.

Exterior solutions are able to incorporate a biophilic design within your home to help you achieve a Hygge home. “Hygge has a very close relationship with ‘biophilic design’; Biophilia is our natural love of nature as humans. It has been researched and proven when put to use that a biophilic environment helps children learn quicker, people recover in hospital rapidly, it also makes people healthier in general.

“The majority of our products like Shou Sugi Ban, wooden flooring and hardwood decking are materials that are biophilic and hygge. When used, you can create a comfortable and cosy environment that will assist in the reduction of your blood pressure and help you feel more relaxed; one can still achieve a modern space that has the same positive effects.

“Oliver Heath created a sleep set for the SLEEP show encompassing Biophilic design. You could also say this was a Hygge design because of its calming qualities. Shou Sugi Ban was used for the walls, bed frame and even in the bathroom.”

Urban Fires are able to provide the perfect indoor heating, keeping you calm, relaxed and warm throughout the day with their range of fireplaces. Tony, the Director of Urban Fires explains why a fireplace can help to create a Hygge home. “A fireplace within the living space can create a special ambience. Humans seek warmth. The infrared warmth from a fireplace satisfies that primeval need." With a wide range of indoor fireplaces, you are sure to find the best suited for your new Hygge home.

The director of Indigozest, Nicolai has explained Hygge and how smart home automation can be used to create the latest trend within your home. ”Being Danish, this has been an experience and feeling that I have grown up with and is very much reflected in my designs. For me, the best way to explain it is as a feeling of comfort, informality or intimate. A homely togetherness through shared moments and experiences including eating and playing board games.

“Smart Home technology is integrated into the everyday activities that we get involved in. To complete a dinner party we can create Hygge through mood lighting and music. Having the ability to have your friends and family sit around a dining table sharing great food is an ideal example. Being then able to press one button on our lighting control system or smart device programmed to ‘dining mood’ or ‘romantic mood’ (or hygge mood) will create the perfect ambience coupled with your chosen dinner music playlist evenly distributed through our hidden or in ceiling speakers.

“Watching a film as a family is another wonderful experience. Our bespoke app allows you to simply press one button that brings up your family films, dim the lights, close the blinds and enjoy the simple pleasures of cinema in your own home.”

Book your visit to the Sky House Design Centre to gain Hygge inspiration and see for yourselves how we can help you create the perfect Hygge home. Call us on 01494 722 880 or email us at [email protected] .

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