The Latest Technical Glass Innovations for 2018

13 March 2018

The main purpose of glass is intended to offer a view outwards while protecting us from conditions of the outside world. Many functions of glass have considerably extended according to latest architectural glazing innovation.

Did you know?

On average we spend about 90 percent of our lives indoors. So the use of glass windows and doors in buildings are pretty important in keeping us happy and healthy. Glass allows a whole room to be bathed in light and colour, and also connects us with the outdoors when it's not possible for us to be outside.

Any glass structures in architecture need to be designed to protect us from adverse influences of the external surroundings and all types of weather conditions.

Here are five of the best innovations that will revolutionise glass design in 2018:

Hirt Swiss Descending Window

Hirt Swiss Descending Windows

Ever thought it's possible to have a glass wall disappear at the press of a button? Thanks to IQ Glass, glass facades can sink and disappear completely within seconds below the floor silently driven by a hidden motor. This is part of the next generation in architecture ! The resulting threshold is completely flat providing a seamless transition to internal and external space. Even under the harshest of weather conditions, these disappearing windows are tested and proven to offer protection and security while offering an unbroken view out into the world. With a simple touch, the enormous glass face completely lowers down to floor level providing an unrestricted view of the outside.

Privacy Glass

The technology behind privacy glass has been around for a while but every year it is perfected and improved. Privacy glass offers a solution for architects and designers looking to transform a transparent room to private . It can be used anywhere from in windows to rooflights. This is due to the liquid molecules aligning between the interlayers once the electric current has passed through, turning the glass from translucent to transparent providing precise and instant privacy control. When switched off this allows the liquid molecules to arbitrarily orient, scattering light across the glass and turning the glass private. We have a fantastic example of this in the Amersham showroom. Privacy Glass is growing each and every day, IQ Glass is proud to be part of creating this versatile and unique technology . It is also easy to use as the operation is controlled via an on-off switch. So, who needs blinds or curtains when you have this innovation in glazing from IQ?

Heated Glass

Heated glass is a unique, innovative architectural glazing product . This delivers a great heating alternative during the cold winter months. While heated glass allows natural light to pass through into the building, offering better energy efficiency and a lower U-Value, opening up new opportunities for architects designing and specifying architectural buildings . The electrical power which passes through the coating converts this into heat creating warmth and a comforting atmosphere. This eliminates 'the cold glass' effect and any condensation forming on the surface while maintaining its minimal and contemporary appearance. To see this beautiful innovation for yourself , IQ Glass offer a personal viewing experience, right in the showroom. You could even design the glass to create a warm enough surface on the external side of the glass instead which would cause any accumulation of snow or ice to melt.

Electrochromic Glass

Electrochromic Glass

Here is another innovative and modern electrical glass that can be used to control the amount of heat or light that penetrates through the glass. With full control available from the switch, giving the user the ability to control the shading and temperature. Behind the scenes of how this happens... the metal ions are transferred from one coating to the other causing a build up, this slowly transforms from a clear transparent state to a darkened look, a beautiful example of this is available at the Amersham Showroom. This causes most light to reflect back and also blocks heat, reducing the need to use air conditioning or install blinds/curtains. One thing we can be sure of is that this is the future of glazing technology!

Carminati Knee Lifting Facade

Carminati Knee Lifting Facade

The automatic lifting facade is designed and engineered to offer large or heavy external entrances which can easily be opened up to 90 degrees. This innovative technology can be designed and integrated to most faces providing impressive and suitable openings . The facade is opened up with a simple control switch system, which creates a fold in middle to the top providing excellent shading and vision. This timber elevation is light and easy to use with a choice of prestigious finishes available to suit the architectural project.

IQ is committed to incorporating new technologies into our offering. We are adapting quickly to change and improving glass technology in all its luxurious beauty. 

As we continue to see the snowball effect, where demand is increasing in innovative smart glass, IQ Glass will continue to invest in research, testing and design .

If you would like to discuss your options or would like to make an appointment to visit our showroom then you are more then welcome to. To arrange a visit, please call us on 01494 722880 or email us at

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