The Gem: an IQ Projects & Technowood Project

27 October 2021

Two of our exhibitors worked on this unique build in Manchester, creating a faceted sculptural design.

This bespoke, highly glazed steel structure was worked on by two of our exhibitors. Both IQ Projects and Technowood provided specialised solutions to ensure the commercial building was innovative as well as functional.

a mix of oak veneer panels and glass panes within a slim steel structure

Based the heart of Manchester, the Gem is home to an independent café and lounge with co working spaces and private meeting rooms. The entrance design was engineered to act as a sculpture within the city centre, reflecting light and views with the faceted design.

The structure utilised slim steel sections, which was favoured over aluminium due to the ability to achieve smaller sections without compromising on strength and durability. Steel framework systems should be used to achieve complex designs of this nature and the architects opted for a steel finish to reflect the premium, hotel like design.

the Gem acting as a sculpture within Manchester city centre

Technowood supplied bespoke oak veneered panels which contrasted the structural glass panels and the darker, tinted glass sections. The diamond shape was 3D modelled prior to manufacturing, where each individual panel within the structure was modelled to ensure the architects, 3DReid, achieved the desired effect.

Inside the commercial space, the angles of the faceted structure are complimented by soft lighting, live plants and a collection of unique artwork. The space is quirky and eclectic, whilst maintaining a serene and peaceful atmosphere for working. Natural light streams in through the angled glass panels, whilst the oak veneer panels offer a dappled lighting affect.

inside the faceted glass diamond structure

Specialised designs like this can be realised through experts in the field of construction and engineering. IQ Projects, the commercial division of IQ Glass, are experts in bespoke engineering and have developed a number of solutions to accommodate complex designs. Book your showroom visit to see some of the solutions that have been designed to push architectural boundaries. 

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