The best outdoor kitchen ideas

6 February 2023

“The best outdoor kitchens”

Outdoor living has become an essential part of everyday life. Everyday comforts indoors are extending beyond the garden as structural boundaries dissolve making way for flexible living spaces.


Zaha Silk, by KönigOutdoor

Outdoor kitchens grant homeowners the ability to completely tailor their outdoor space to their individual needs. There is a range of integrations that can be specified within outdoor kitchen applications including weathertight storage, built-in refrigeration and hot taps.

KönigOutdoor offers a com­plete out­door kitchen range of styl­ish and high quality assemblies designed to withstand the harsh out­door elements.

The bespoke designs combine functionality with minimal designs, offering homeowners the chance to create the perfect outdoor living space. One of the main advantages of an outdoor kitchen with built in storage and appliances is that it eliminates the need for constant travel between indoor and outdoor environments, thus making it perfectly suited to people who like entertaining.

There are various KönigOutdoor kitchen designs on display at Sky House, along with a range of appliances to give inspiration for planning a dream outdoor kitchen and living space.

To book an appointment and see the beauty of a KönigOutdoor kitchen for yourself, contact us.


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