Terraces That Bring The Outdoors In

22 November 2016

How Can you create Your perfect Terrace design?

The Sky House Design Centre is home to many UK leaders in interior and exterior design. Most of our tenants are able to work together to design and create a terrace that is able to bring the outdoors in.
But what exactly is a terrace? A terrace is a level paved area next to a building, very similar to a patio. Terraces are becoming very popular, especially as many are starting to incorporate indoor-outdoor living spaces into their building designs and renovations.

When designing a terrace area, the most important section you will need to think about is the flooring. Exterpark decking by Exterior Solutions is the first exterior wooden floor that looks and has the same level of comfort of an indoor hardwood floor. Exterpark provide the only hardwood decking available with an invisible fixing profile, giving you the perfect indoor hardwood floor finish. With a range of 8 different types of wood you will be able to find the perfect type to suit your project. This range includes Ipe, Elondo, Cumaru, Rustic-Teak, Kurupay, Massaranduba, Indonesian Teak and Merbau.

When thinking of ways to bring the outdoors in, the most obvious way of doing this is to merge the indoors and outdoors together. Hedgehog Aluminium Systems offer a range of sliding glass doors and bifolding doors to allow you to create this merge. With slim framing and the choice of any RAL colour, you are sure to find the doors that will perfectly suit your terrace design.


IQ Glass - Glass Balustrades

IQ Glass UK are also able to provide products that could be very useful when designing or upgrading your terrace. If you are creating a rooftop terrace or one that is not on the ground floor then you will need to consider the safety of this space. If you are wondering how you can create a strong barrier to provide safety that will also allow natural light to flow through into your home, glass balustrades are the answer. Made with structural glass, we can ensure that these balustrades are the safest choice available with minimal to no framing, allowing you to match your door frames. Frameless glass balustrades will provide the maximum amount of light into your home as well as maximise views with no obstruction.

Terraces are most commonly used in the summer and spring when the weather is warmer and dry. However, to be able to use the space throughout the year it would be a great idea to install an Umbris louvre roof to provide shading and shelter to your outdoor living area in the winter months. With automated louvres, the Umbris patio roof can become completely watertight when shut, keeping your terrace and furniture dry. Having a building integrated louvre roof can be ideal as it allows you to shade your home in the summer, keeping both the indoor and outdoor areas cool. These louvres can then be opened in the winter to allow sunlight to pass through into your home, providing warmth. A number of features can be integrated into the patio roof such as lighting and Bluetooth speakers to make your terrace more enjoyable.


IQ Glass - Glass Balustrades

Spending time outside during the winter isn’t very appealing. Urban Fires have a range of external fireplaces, meaning you can bring the outdoors in creating a warm and comfortable outdoor living area. These external fireplaces are available with a bespoke frameless design, depending on the look you are going for. With shelter from an Umbris louvre roof and the warmth from an Urban Fire, you are able to create a unique and comfortable terrace.

When designing an outdoor living space, it is ideal to think about the furniture you will need to create a comfortable living area that you are eager to use no matter what the weather is like. IQ Furniture can help you bring the outdoors in by providing you with a range of furniture normally used indoors but is more suited for the outdoors. Sofas, chairs and tables are all available for you to be able to use this space as an outdoor living area or dining area. The ‘Emu’ range is ideal as all furniture within the range are suited for the outdoors.

To gain inspiration for your interior or exterior designs come down to the Sky House Design Centre showroom in Amersham. To book your visit call us on 01494 772 880 or email info@skyhousedesigncentre.com.

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