Space Standards for Homes Introduced

28 April 2015

New national Space standards to increase housing quality

The new national space standards were released in March of this year. The national standard is broadly aligned with the space standards already in force in London.

Enforcing a minimum size to new homes dependant on the number of bedrooms and occupants is hoped to increase housing standards in the UK.

The simple and easy to understand set of requirements dictates the required minimum area of floor space for a home dependant on the number of bedrooms and the intended occupancy. For instance the new space standards require a minimum ceiling height of 2.3m to all new build residential areas and for double bedroom to have a minimum floor area of 11.5m 2 . Any areas of the new home with a ceiling height of under 1.5m cannot be taken into account when calculating the area of the room or total home.

Local authorities are now able to include the national space standards into their local planning rules forcing developers and builders to create homes to certain size specifications.

Implementation of these new rules will force most new build homes to create larger residential spaces and create a greater opportunity for open plan living areas, so prevalent in most home owners design wishes.

Larger areas and higher ceilings within new build homes give a greater flexibility to the occupiers of that home to create their own spaces and make the home their own.      

These plans are not yet compulsory, with the decision down to each local authority as to whether they adopt the new space standards in their local planning rules, but it does show a considered effort by the government to create better living spaces and more inviting homes. 

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