Sky House members receive praise in St. Albans Times

9 May 2024

Sky House Members in the Spotlight

Award-winning Interior Designer, Emma Kosh (Queen of Dopamine) was invited to visit Sky House by Signature Walls.  She had clearly not had any expectations, and was unfamiliar with the space and the offerings of the other members including Avino timber and IQ Glass

Charmed by the largest interior and glazing showroom in the UK, Emma wrote a double page feature for the St. Albans Times delighting in the splendour of all the outstanding products and materials under one roof. Emma says of Signature Walls "They offer hand-crafted decorative plaster finishes that can be applied to most surfaces around your home to create one-off pieces of art that will set you apart from your neighbours and friends."

Later lead around the rest of the showroom, Emma complements IQ Glass with its frame finishes available in a variety of RAL colours. The Avino timber showroom did not go unmissed summising that the timber offering is exceptional. "They are bringing timber to the heart of architecture, offering the magnificence of this beautiful natural material to your building project.  Their full range of timber windows and doors, timber cladding and timber shading solutions ensyre that all aspects of your building project can work as one, from a single source of architectural timber." 

Read the full double spread feature on Sky House Design Centre pages 34 & 35 in Issue 67, May 9th's St. Albans Times

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