Sky House Design Centre Awarded Best Modern House Design Specialists

1 February 2021

The Sky House Design Centre has been awarded the best modern house design specialists, within the Buckinghamshire region, in the 2021 Home Builder Awards.

Client walking through the design centre

We are delighted to announce that the design centre has been named the best modern house design specialists in Buckinghamshire, beating our competition to take home the award in the 2021 Home Builder Awards.

At the design centre, each and every exhibitor has been carefully selected to ensure we offer the best products and systems for creating modern homes. Ranging from exterior design to interior design, each exhibitor demonstrates the ability to create high quality, luxury homes that are built to last.

Art deco themed interior design

Modern living is encompassed in everything we do, evidenced by the constant stream of new products being developed for futureproofing your home. When visiting the design centre, you will find everything you need to design your dream home and more.

One of the most modern showroom spaces at Sky House is IndigoZest, experts in the field of smart home technology. With IndigoZest, practically anything you imagine can be automated and built into a compete smart home system for enhanced functionality. Many of the other exhibitors products and systems can work in conjunction with the smart home technology, including concealed blind systems that can be revealed with the click of a button.

Concealed blind systems

When creating the most modern home, it is imperative to think about the future of home design as well as the present. That’s why Morgan Ellis, luxury lift makers, have a range of modern lift solutions that are built to increase the value of a home as well as providing systems that are built for the future.

If a more traditional design is preferred, technical solutions can be concealed for a stripped back approach. An example of this is a TV concealed within the ceiling, only revealing itself when the homeowners desire. There are many integrations that can be made possible with the use of modern home technology and the right suppliers.

Concealed television in ceiling

Whether embarking on a simple kitchen renovation project or embarking on a new build home project, there are endless possibilities at the design centre to modernise your living space. Speak to us about futureproofing your home today on 01494 722 880.

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