Shou Sugi Ban for Biophilic Designs

25 August 2016

Biophilic Design literally brings nature inside using materials most commonly associated with outdoor spaces, creating an outdoor space that is inside your home.

Exterior Solutions have become an expert in Biophilic design, using their natural timber flooring and wall coverings internally to create the feeling of nature and outdoors within a home.

The specialist company have written an article about their work with Shou Sugi Ban on their LinkedIn page. The aim of this project was to bring nature into the bedroom of designer Oliver Heath, “Bringing nature inside the bedroom was the key element for Oliver Heath…the tactile and enhanced grain of the larch burnt white product by Shou Sugi Ban was the choice”. 

A design led company, Exterior Solutions work with Shou Sugi Ban to create burnt timber cladding. Exterior Solutions specialise in exceptional wall and floor coverings including burnt timber cladding and decking. Exterior Solution’s aim with Shou Sugi Ban is to create a wall or floor covering that is unique to all homes. They provide a variety of finishes and textures to help improve the interior and exterior of your home. Their traditional finish is a highly burnt fragile look but they also range to a more contemporary finish.

If you would like to view the full article please go to:

Come and visit Exterior Solutions at the Sky House Design Centre showroom. This space displays the company’s finest and most popular products including the Shou Sugi Ban products.

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