Security for External Doors

5 June 2015

External Security on doors and gates to enhance burglar resistance

Although statistics show that burglars are more likely to attempt to gain access into a home through the window rather than a door, making sure any exterior doors are secure and look impenetrable is an important aspect of door choice and home security.

Make sure that any external door you chose has some kind of security testing certificate to give you some understanding of its burglar resistance. The idea of security, or ‘burglar resistance’ testing, is to ensure that any exterior door delays a burglar’s entrance to your home for as long as possible; the longer it takes to enter the more likely they will get caught.

There are various security testing schemes suitable for residential doors to be used on contemporary home designs in the UK giving you some idea as to their ‘burglar resistance’.

PAS 24 security testing is an enhanced security test for windows as well as doors backed by many crime prevention associations. The testing methods integrate the minimum standards of physical security as well as well tested principles of the natural of criminal activity.

The EN1627 testing method is a European testing regulation specifically to test the burglar resistance characteristics of doors and windows. Using different tools under different time frames is classifies doors into classes 1, 2, 3 and 4, 4 being the highest security.

All rear aluminium door sets from the Aluminium Window and Door selector have been fully tested for security with a range of burglar resistant’s available.

Electronic entry systems are also a great addition to any front entrance or front door designs to improve your entrance security. Video feeds, showing you who is at the door, and remote entrance control gives the home owner complete control over visitors into the home.

Remote electronic entry systems from NSSG are a perfect option for lager properties with gated entry before you even reach the front door, partner that with a bespoke front door from IQ Glass and you will create a secure, yet attractive front entryway. 

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