Save 98% Usage of Timber with The Revolutionary New Construction Material… Technowood

11 August 2023

Save Costs, Save Time and Save the planet!

Technowood has a forward-thinking and eco-friendly solution for facade, ceiling and shading systems which uses 98% less timber to create durable and recyclable products. Its patented system for an aluminium or GRP (Glass Reinforced Polyester) substrate which is coated in a completely natural timber veneer.

This system is durable and hardwearing, currently being used in the harshest climatic conditions around the world. The installation of all its products are kept as simple and easy by providing the complete system. This complete package includes the proprietary wall brackets, immediate support structure and cladding system. The exact nature of the brackets and structure may vary depending on your design requirements.

Contemporary exterior design, featuring frameless glass balustrades and timber cladding

The systems look and feel resemble natural timber, and have the added benefit of durability and long-lasting mechanisms of aluminium, or GRP.  Due to the natural timber veneer being of only 5mm these materials can meet the A2 Class fire rating, enabling use on many projects.

Vertical Fins

There are multiple options for cladding and façade design with Technowood such as;  pergola systems, furniture designs, sunshade systems, façade and ceiling systems to name a few.  An increasingly popular use of Technowood are Timber Vertical Fin Cladding, as shown in this project of a private residence. Solid timber can be cumbersome and expensive, often requiring specialist structural fixings and time consuming to install. 

The impressive architecture of the Technowood fins were created to transform this home with it’s simple yet effective design. The ultra-light weight material is easy to install which results in a large saving on materials and labour costs. All Technowood products are manufactured under one roof and delivered to site at the same time to ensure same colour and texture of product are all finished with the same result.

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