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9 February 2021

Transform your outdoor living space with hidden solutions, from flowerbed speaker systems to weather resistant TV’s.

Smart home systems are fast becoming an essential aspect of a new build or renovation project. IndigoZest specialise in smart home technology systems, transforming ordinary homes into extraordinary spaces.

AV Technology

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Utilising the latest AV technology, a touch of luxury can be easily added to outdoor living spaces, creating integrated hotspots for socialising and entertaining. Now more than ever, whilst everybody is spending more time in their homes and gardens, a larger importance is being placed on outdoor spaces.

IndigoZest are providing a new range of AV devices, specifically designed to thrive in outdoor environments and inspire homeowners to look no further than their gardens for an al fresco dining experience. When considering a fire solution or an outdoor kitchen from KonigOutdoors, adding atmosphere with music, lighting and entertainment systems such as outdoor TV’s will be sure to enhance the space further.  

Weather Exposure

Smart home control screen, controlling garden solutions

Outdoor AV installations present a unique set of challenges including bright sunshine, temperature changes, rain and external noise from nearby traffic or wind.  The outdoor environment cannot be controlled and without walls or ceilings offering protection and containment, it is essential for the products to be specifically designed to perform in extreme conditions. 

Outdoor Audio

Hidden speakers in flower bed

The Triad Garden Array is a family of products offered by IndigoZest. The premium, all weather landscape speakers are the perfect combination of elegance, directional sound and durability. The subwoofer and speakers have been engineered to withstand all weather conditions and have subtle designs to blend into flowerbeds or around the garden.

The subwoofer is designed for both above and ground installations, to ensure the bass can be located exactly where you want it, including buried near a swimming pool. This method will allow the exterior design to be kept extremely minimal, with little to no systems in view.

The speaker systems are completely scalable, making them suited to any outdoor listening experience. This means that the systems are adapted to achieve the best results in small or large spaces, from London terraced rooftops to entire residential estates.

Outdoor TV’s

Wall mounted outdoor TV next to firepit

IndigoZest supply and install TV systems from ProofVision that are specifically designed to perform in all weather conditions. The products are built using tempered glass and a robust structure, to provide an extra level of protection from the elements. 

The residential outdoor TV range is complete with a high brightness screen, achieving 700cd/m2 to ensure the screen is clearly visible on the sunniest days. You can choose from a wall mounted design or a portable stand, for the ability to constantly move the screen around with ease. Once installed, the outdoor TV solutions can be connected to outdoor speakers, delivering an immersive surround sound experience.

Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor space with layered lighting throughout garden design

Lighting is a key aspect of exterior design, as it allows the space to be used all year round as well as offering enhanced security and ambience. Motion sensors can be placed around the garden space, programmed to switch on when movement is detected. The motion sensors can also notify homeowners when the sensor is triggered, offering peace of mind when away from the home.

A well designed lighting solution for a garden will include varying layers of lighting, in order to depict certain trees or shrubbery in the background for depth and interest. Layers of lighting, when done right, also work to create low level pathway lights to pave the way. Lighting should also be used to enhance outdoor kitchen designs and fireplaces or fire pits that are used as a social gathering spot.

All of the integrated lighting systems from IndigoZest can be zoned and dimmed up as the sun sets to create a smooth transition between daylight to dusk, before being dimmed down to mimic the natural light pattern as the evening gets darker.

Outdoor Wi-Fi Coverage

Outdoor entertainment space with TV on stand

Often, the main concern when creating an outdoor entertainment space is the Wi-Fi coverage and potential signal drop out zones. Coverage is the area or range covered by the wireless signal and IndigoZest, experts in the field, endeavour to leave no corner garage or pool house without Wi-Fi. Good coverage means having a strong and consistent signal, with undiminished throughput as you move around the property and garden.

Utilising exterior wireless access point solutions, large areas can be covered to ensure you can work outside, stream a film or play music through the outdoor systems without encountering any signal issues.

Bespoke Hidden Solutions

If you’re looking for a truly unique, innovative garden space and these advanced systems aren’t quite right for you, IndigoZest work with the best in AV products to ensure they can create completely bespoke, hidden outdoor solutions. These tailored to you solutions are perfect for those looking to maintain a very minimal or natural garden design, leaving no trace of technology behind when not in use.

Delivering the wow factor, completely hidden outdoor entertainment solutions can be designed, installed and commissioned bespoke to your space. Choose which systems to incorporate and what you want the space to look like, whilst controlling the whole thing with the click of a button.

Your Outdoor Entertainment Space

Couple dancing in outdoor entertainment space

Every one of the solutions mentioned works with home automation systems, such as those from Control4 or Crestron. The outdoor AV solutions have extra connectivity, including IQ and RS232 over IP control, making them easier to test and install.

Get in touch with the team on 01494 722880 to discuss your requirements and learn how your space can be transformed.

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