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8 August 2019

Garden Designs That Aren’t Just for the Summer

Biophilic design has been a growing trend over the past couple of years, as we have gained more knowledge of the effects the rapid growth of urbanisation causes and what this means for our overall wellbeing. This trend has encouraged more people to intentionally spend more time in the garden as opposed to indoors. Other than improving health there are many benefits of investing in your outdoor living space which includes; extending your home, increasing the value of your property and having additional space for entertaining guests.

One of the main concerns when designing an outdoor space is the weather, as it can often be unpredictable. This can be a major factor in limiting the flexibility of the design itself which can often leave a project feeling or looking unfinished. IQ Outdoor Living has designed a roofing system called the IQ Awning Retractable Roof to allow your designs to reach their full potential. This fully retractable patio awning offers full protection from all weather conditions and has an optional feature of Wind, Rain and Sun Sensors to automatically open/close the roof depending on the weather allowing you full use throughout the year. Each installation is designed and manufactured specifically to meet your requirements and includes lighting options which can be integrated into the roof structure or the awning crossbar structure. For further information please contact IQ on 01494 722 880 or email an IQ representative at hello@iqoutdoorliving.co.uk.

Louvre roof system providing shading to outdoor seating area

Outdoor Furniture

IQ Furniture is a unique brand who specialises in high end contemporary European furniture and sell a variety of modern furniture to match their client’s needs. IQ Furniture will specifically tailor the furniture to any design space and are another highly sought-after exhibitor, based at the Sky House Design Centre for this reason. They have a wide range of outdoor furniture to complement your outdoor living space from dining tables, sofas, to planters and lamps. The Moments Outdoor Lounge Chair is one example of their outdoor furniture range which is produced with a unique Soft Rope frame and QuickDry cushions. The QuickDry fabric is specially designed for your comfort and has an approximate drying time of one hour from rain showers making this durable through all weather conditions.

Lighting is a great way to create ambience within any area of your home and IQ Furniture has lots of options to achieve this for your outdoor space as well. Their ‘Globo Outdoor Lamp’ range is a quirky and stylish waterproof option that comes in many different sizes. All Globo products are made with polyethene by rotational moulding and are available with a led lighting system with colour changing or candy colours that you can set up with ease.

Outdoor Heating/Fireplaces

Urban Fires are known to supply the world’s best outdoor fires and can most recently be recognised for providing love island with their famous outdoor fire pit. Urban fires offer a range of products which include but are not limited to; outside fireplaces, fire pits, modern BBQs and a range of exclusive outdoor living products such as outdoor kitchens and glass balustrades. They have a contemporary fireplace collection including gas fireplaces with smart fire technology and have special options that allow outdoor fireplaces within an enclosed area of which would normally be prohibited. Fireplaces create a desirable focal point when entertaining guests and are a great excuse of staying out in the garden that bit longer even throughout the colder months.

These are just a few examples of what we have to offer at the Sky House Design Centre so book your visit and meet with the experts to make the most of your outdoor living space!

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