October Media Roundup

22 November 2016

The first magazine feature of the month was House 19 in the September/October issue of Vale Life. This article is titled ‘Burning Desire’ and focuses on Exterior Solutions with mentions of the Sky House Design Centre as a whole.

Shou Sugi Ban, by Exterior Solutions, was used for the external cladding of House 19. This cladding material is created by using a traditional Japanese process where timber faces are burnt to create a stunning and durable timber finish. Shou Sugi Ban was also used to clad the staircase inside to match the exterior, creating a beautiful design inside and out of the home. Untreated pieces of cedar were used to contrast this burnt cladding by accentuating the raw nature of the timber.

Shou Sugi Ban was also featured as one of the ‘3 Unusual Cladding Materials’ in an article in the October issue of Grand Designs titled ‘Buyer’s Guide To External Cladding’. This small feature showed an image of the cladding used on a residential project. The other two cladding materials featured in this section were black glass and mirrored aluminium.

Urban Front’s The Cheeran House project was featured in the News and Views section in the October issue of Grand Designs. This article focuses on the meaning of the Latin word villa and shows how different architects have interpreted its significance throughout history. The Cheeran House was featured as Kevin McCloud believes it is a perfect example of a modern day villa.

Media Scans:
Grand Designs October 2016 - Shou Sugi Ban - Page 147
Grand Designs October 2016 - Urban Front - Page 11
Vale Life Sept/Oct - House 19

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