New Product Launch: Outdoor Kitchen Pantry

8 December 2020

The new kitchen solution from Urban Outdoors to complete your outdoor living space.

Designed to bring family and friends together, the outdoor kitchen range from the Cubic Outdoor Kitchens range brings flexible outdoor solutions with contemporary designs.

Outdoor kitchen with integrated storage & appliances

The Cubic outdoor pantry is the newest addition to the range, offering the ability to integrate appliances or simply act as storage space. There are numerous possibilities with the pantry, tailoring each bespoke installation to the homeowners specific needs and requirements.

The outdoor pantry is more than just a storage unit, it is revolutionising the way designers and landscapers think, design and work in outdoor spaces. It can incorporate a sink with a hot water option, a fridge or a dishwasher depending on your preferences and needs.

If you have a passion for cooking or enjoy entertaining in your outdoor space, the outdoor pantry alongside a Cubic Outdoor kitchen island is the perfect pairing. The systems account for cooking and preparation space, always ensuring you have plenty of space.

For the ultimate entertainment space, the pantry works alongside a BBQ grill, Green Egg or a Pizza Oven – all of which Urban Outdoors can bring your vision to life through bespoke design and installation.

Outdoor pantry system in swimming pool area

These outdoor solutions are designed to fit into any space, from rooftop terraces to manicured lawns. The sleek outdoor solutions are weather proven, suitable for any climate from hot weather to typical British climates.

The kitchen pantry does not require a roof to keep all utensils and cooking equipment safe and dry in waterproof drawers, cupboards and storage spaces. As proof, Urban Outdoors offer a 10 year warranty with every purchase.

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