NEW Motorised Blinds

24 February 2017

Indigozest can now supply and integrate motorised blinds into your home automation. These motorised blinds can easily be integrated with Indigozest’s home automation solutions and can either be wired or wireless depending on where the installation is taking place.

Installing wireless blinds are perfect for retrofitting and can still be part of an automation system. These motorised blinds give homeowners the option of silent motorised blinds with really clean lines and a very simple installation.

Indigozest are now able to install a fully functional, quiet, motorised roller system that is entirely wireless. The roller shade can be operated via remote control or by smartphone or tablet. You are able to remotely operate these shades individually or simultaneously, by room, by elevation and by floor.

The timer remote function allows you up to six events per day that move the shades automatically. This provides assurance that when you are away from your home, the shades will continue to operate, giving heat gain control as well as offering a level of privacy and security. With unique inbuilt technology, these new motorised blinds can also be operated manually by the user.

Power for the shade is provided by alkaline D cell batteries which can provide up to 5 years of usage based on an average 4 daily fully raise/fully lower movement changes. The access port for these batteries is in the shade tube wall, allowing you to change the batteries without having to remove the shade from the brackets.

The spline that attaches the roller shade fabric to the tube permits the fabric to be easily removed for cleaning, maintaining and sanitising or replacement. Clients are able to change the fabric for decorative reasons by ordering new fabric for use on the existing hardware, providing unique longevity and return on investment from your window covering.

Indigozest - Motorised Blinds

Fabric Range:

With a large selection of fabric types to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect one to suit your interior design. Indigozest will be able to supply a sample for you to make the necessary comparisons for light and function when selecting the fabric. Indigozest are also able to offer custom printed fabrics which are perfect for showing off family photos. These blinds can also be perfectly integrated with your glazing installations from IQ Glass.

Contact Indigozest for more information on their new motorised blinds and book a showroom visit to see one on display and the wide range of fabrics and finishes available. Call Indigozest on 01923 883979 or email .

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