New Interior Design Trend: Full Glass Fireplaces

11 June 2020

A contemporary fireplace is an important focal point in most living room interior design schemes. The characteristics of a ‘contemporary’ or ‘modern’ fireplace are minimalism. The fireplace surrounds are slim or the fireplace is frameless. The focus in these designs is on the fire itself rather than the hearth or mantel.

The most effective way to create a glass fireplace is by using a balanced flue system. This means that the fire within the glass enclosure is completely self-contained which is much safer than traditional open flame fireplaces. In addition, this system helps with heat retention and ensures the fireplaces is more efficient at heating.

Glass Fronted Fireplaces

Glass-fronted fireplaces are a designs staple for modern living room design schemes.

Here, the fireplace sits within a wall with a simple glass front separating the fire from the living space.

 These glass fireplaces can create a ‘flame picture’ in a wall, drawing the eye and creating a minimalist focal point in an interior scheme.

For a deeper ‘flame’ effect you could opt for a black mirrored glass panel to the rear of the fireplace. This reflects the visual effects of the fire and doubles the number of flames you see.

Glass fronted fireplace integrated in contemporary statement wall

Corner Glass Fireplaces

With two sides of glass a corner glass fireplace is a mid-way design between a glass fronted fireplace and a three-sided room divider fireplace.

The glass front of the fireplace wraps around one corner of the fireplace making the fire visible from two elevations. This design is perfect for fireplaces that are not in the centre of a wall or smaller living areas.

two sided corner glass fireplace

Tunnel Glass Fireplaces

Tunnel or ‘see-through’ fireplaces are also a well-used interior design tool. They are great in larger living areas and can be built into a wall to allow the fireplace to be viewed from both sides of the wall.

They are popular in open plan living areas within walls that divide the kitchen and dining area, or the living space and dining room.

Tunnel fireplace in open plan living space

Three-Sided Glass Fireplaces

Glass fireplaces with three glass walls can be either used as a contemporary fireplace or as part of a room dividing wall. With either use the design effect can be very impressive.

Panoramic three-sided fireplaces are a great modern twist on the traditional fireplace with a solid ‘chimney’ structure above it. The glass surrounds of the fireplace mean that its visual and heat effects can be felt from all corner of a room.

Three-sided fireplaces can be either gas or electric powered, meaning they have more flexibility than ‘tunnel’ or see through fireplaces.

A three-sided glass fireplace as part of a room divider makes it look like a slice has been taken out of the wall where the fireplace sits.

Three sided fireplace integrated in statement charcoal pillar

Four-Sided Glass Fireplaces

All of the above glass fireplace designs are well used and available from modern fireplace companies.

Four-sided glass fireplaces are the next step in fireplace design.

These fireplaces are fully surrounded by glass on all four sides, allowing you to create a central fireplace within a living area.

Thanks to the all glass surrounds, the actual flames are fully protected from the living areas. The balanced flue system of glass fireplaces also means the chimney above doesn’t have to be massive to cope with the central fireplace.

The glass sides make it seem like you are sitting around a fully open fire. You can even opt for anti-reflective glass for an even more authentic ‘open fire’ design.

You may think that it looks impossible to do, but we have created a genuine four-sided balanced flue gas fireplace which not only provides that innovative look, but it's also available with our real flame Gas Log burners and the LED ashes underbed!  More news on this soon.

Four-sided glass fireplace with floating pillar design

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