New Interior Design Trend: Coastal Grandma

12 October 2023

What is coastal grandma and how can you incorporate it in your interior design?

Coastal grandma has quickly become one of the most talked about interior design trends this year, starting on TikTok and making its way into mainstream media. The trend is based on the classic and clean style of the older generation, specifically wealthy women who live in luxury beachfront properties. The Today Show described the trend as having a “breezy beige feel” and many other design influencers have since picked up on the emerging trend.

A key part of this trend is location and the interior design scheme is based around beachfront or coastal properties, think traditional beach houses with wraparound porches and scenic views. Coastal grandma’s typically live in affluent areas such as the Hamptons, or Hampshire in the UK.

minimal hallway with natural materials and textures for a coastal granny style

This trend can be used to add a calming presence to busy homes, with the colours and materials thought to improve general wellness and create a soothing environment. One of the most popular TV homes to represent this trend is Jane Fonda’s beach house in the Netflix original show Grace & Frankie.

Coastal grandma is characterised by breezy off white tones and simple rustic accents such as linen, which can be used for a range of things including curtains or furniture. Although neutral colour palettes are used to achieve the interior design trend, the result is anything but cold and instead creates a warm and inviting space.

beachfront bedroom with natural wood blinds and bed frame

This trend isn’t just for real life grandmothers, it’s for anyone and everyone. Keep reading to discover how you can incorporate this interior design trend in your home.

Neutral colour scheme

The base colours used throughout the coastal grandma trend are pale and neutral, allowing light to bounce freely around internal living spaces to create light and airy spaces. Neutral paint RAL colours should be chosen for the walls and typically wooden flooring would be used for a minimal design. Although natural colours are often seen, washed out or muted shades of blue can also be perfect for creating a beachy aesthetic.  Natural colours and textures are frequently used in bathrooms to help enhance a sense of serenity and calmness. Tactile textured walls can be achieved with microcementing techniques adorning to nature. 

Prints are rarely seen in coastal grandma style houses, but subtle striped patterns are perfect for creating this look in your home. Striped patterns can be used for wallpaper, creating a feature wall or for textiles like a throw or feature cushions.

beach house with coastal granny interior design scheme


Natural elements such as rattan or straw should be used to create accents throughout the neutral palette, adding depth without making the space feel cluttered and thus maintaining a crisp interior design. Although clutter is not part of the coastal grandma trend, decorative pieces should be included to create a characterful interior design, such as a jute rug or rattan lamp.

For homes looking to recreate the coastal grandma trend in urban locations, relaxed curtains are a great way to do this. Linen curtains are perfect for creating a light and airy atmosphere and these should be chosen in neutral colours or minimal patterns. Grants Blinds has a wide range of materials for you to choose from when specifying bespoke blind or curtain systems, with each window treatment manufactured to suit the individual space.


Space Modern  showcases a number of statement furniture pieces that are well suited to this trend. The range of high end Italian furniture includes a wide range of pieces that are a perfect juxtaposition to the coastal grandma theme with bold statement pieces.

breezy linen curtains in beach front home

Open Shelving

The coastal grandma trend focuses on an open plan concept, as open plan layouts pair well with beachfront properties. Coastal and beachfront homes often follow an indoor outdoor style of living and having open shelving in kitchen designs help to enhance the airy feel, eliminating the risk of closed off spaces that take up more room and reduce the perceived size of the room.

Open shelving also allows small details such as maisonette jars and decorative crockery to be on display, enhancing the coastal grandma trend further. Typically, this interior design trend includes fruit bowls and jars of produce on display, as the typical homeowner likes to cook with fresh or locally grown produce.

Watermark Kitchens is an expert in creating bespoke kitchens to suit any interior design trend and have seen a rise in demand for open shelving, as airy spaces become more popular. With hidden storage solutions and smart appliance solutions, you can tailor your kitchen design to suit any specific requirements.

open shelving for coastal granny interior design


Say goodbye to harsh overhead lighting and hello to soft lighting, as this interior design trend welcomes floor lamps and soft bulbs. Different levels of lighting has been a trend of its own for many years, with many homeowners opting for decorative lighting as opposed to spotlights. IndigoZest specialises in lighting design, offering a bespoke service to create integrated lighting schemes that are tailored to your needs.

In place of overhead lighting, a statement ceiling fan can be incorporated to enhance the overall room design.

statement lamp in living space with neutral colour scheme

Still not convinced? The coastal grandma trend has seen a 334% rise in Google searches after going viral on social media. To talk to an expert about how to incorporate the interior design trend in your next project, get in touch with the team.

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