New Installation in The Showroom!

13 February 2020

Sieger Legacy Doors

The Sieger Legacy Doors have recently been installed at The Sky House Design Centre in the courtyard showroom, replacing the Mondrian Glazing Box.  We have had a high demand for this style of door as they give the luxury intended, whilst remaining cost-effective and efficient. 

The Sieger Legacy Doors have slim metal framing with sightlines of only 58.5mm across vent and frame. This creates an elegant look whilst allowing light to flood through into the internal living spaces. If you are looking for the same aesthetic as steel without the extortionate price tag and lack of thermal insulation the Sieger Legacy Doors are a great alternative.

Every Sieger Legacy Door is manufactured and fabricated bespoke to each project specification.  You can personalise your order by choosing a range of frame finishes, type of glass, configurations, size and door handles.  Matching Sieger Legacy Windows are also available to coordinate with the overall design of the property.


Due to the use of the latest technology in modern aluminium fabrication, you can be confident in expecting efficient lead times and exceptional quality. The Sieger® Architektur system has been designed to the highest European standards to ensure a highly engineered finish with the best performance.

Contact us to meet with a technical advisor to really get a feel of the different ranges of products we have to offer in person.  

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