New Cladding Technique Shou Sugi Ban Creates a Modern Extension

13 April 2016

Designs to maximise the restricted space and increase natural light 

Shou Sugi Ban Extension Kenworthy Road

Exterior Solutions recent project, Kenworthy Road in Hackney has been shortlisted for the Architects Journal Award 2016, an award for small projects under the contract value of £250,000.

The new extension to Kenworthy Road has been cladded in charred cedar boards treated using a Japanese technique named Shou Sugi Ban which extends the life of the boards and makes them highly resistant to insects and decay.

The refurbishment to a family home, Kenworthy Road, was designed to maximise the restricted space and increase natural daylight into the rear of the property.

Shou Sugi Ban Charred Cedar Extension Kenworthy Road

The burnt timber used is a sustainable material offering a striking and effective counterpoint to the yellow brick of the existing house, helping to reinforce its identity as a modern addition. The charring process gives the material a beautiful, dark and slightly uneven colour, bringing out the textures of the wood especially when the natural light hits the surface creating a fantastic façade design.

Shou Sugi Ban Charred Cedar Extension Kenworthy Road

This project has also been recently featured in the April 2016 issue of Grand Designs Magazine as ‘The Next Big Thing’ with some helpful top tips.

The charring technique to the wood increases it’s weather resistant but at the same time becomes increasingly brittle, therefore using specialists and experts such as Exterior Solutions whom work with the material regularly, prevents damage during transportation and installation.
Additionally, a topcoat sealer is recommended every five years to maintain the charred larch cladding keeping the aesthetics at its best.

The final tip when considering Shou Sugi Ban in your designs, is allowing openings for ventilation or using rain screens with a 2cm gap to help combat the heat gain issue from the burnt timbers dark colour.

Contact Sky House Design Centre for more information regarding using Shou Sugi Ban for your contemporary design project.

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