Moving house: Tips to decorate your home in a sustainable way

12 July 2022

Summary: An informative guide outlining some of the best tips to keep in mind when decorating your new home in a sustainable way, including buying from eco-conscious suppliers and decorating your home with the long term in mind. It also includes the benefits of upcycling and more. More and more homeowners are looking to minimise the impact their property has on the wider environment. This includes during the initial interior design phase following the purchasing of a new property. If you're in the process of moving house and want to prepare for sustainable interior design in advance, carry on reading this useful guide.

Shop from eco-conscious suppliers

There are many independent suppliers that are committed to creating sustainable products. Some suppliers also use eco-friendly practices to minimise the impact their processes have on the environment. Research has shown that almost two-thirds of companies in the UK have committed to corporate social responsibility programmes, which demonstrates you have ample places to shop.

Exhibitors at Sky House are always analysing and looking for ways to make their companies more sustainable, including offering home cinema systems that can be powered by solar control or glazing systems with recycled aluminium frames. You can find out more about businesses pledging to ethical behaviour here.

Plan for the long term

An easy tip to bear in mind when decorating sustainably is planning for the long term. Rather than buying furniture that's liable to break easily, aim to purchase versatile pieces created using quality materials. This way, you minimise the amount of furniture that gets sent to landfills and you offset the costs of carbon emissions by not needing to order new products.

Try shopping for high-quality furniture from companies such as Space Modern, as although this may be a higher cost now, the furniture boasts exceptional quality due to superior craftsmanship and hours of dedication per piece. Another tip for long-term interior design is to buy pieces that are flexible within a design capacity. For example, try buying pieces neutral in colour, such as wood products, as these can be used in a variety of ways and within multiple colour schemes. This means that if you want to switch up the decor in your room, you can do so without having to buy new furniture.

Automation that can be powered by green energy

Smart home automation systems are becoming more commonplace, with many people seeking to have the ease of controlling multiple elements of the home through an app or wall control panel. With this type of system, the energy usage can be high, leading to an unsustainable home design, which is why it’s important to specify a solution that can be powdered by green energy sources, such as solar panels.

Using blinds to reduce heating costs

By incorporating high-quality, bespoke blinds into your new home design, this can help to keep heat in the home, reducing the energy needed to keep the home warm in the cooler months. If you are looking for high-quality, automated blinds, again it is important that they can be powered by green energy sources, making the options from Grants Blinds the perfect choice.

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