Most Trusted Design Service 2020 - UK

27 January 2020

Build It Home & Garden Awards

The Sky House Design Centre has been awarded, ‘The Most Trusted Design Service of 2020 in the UK by BuildAwards. This prestigious award represents the hard work the design centre has invested in this exciting sector, for the innovation and excellence in the business as well as their outstanding overall performance.

The Sky House Design Centre is an interior design hub surrounded by scenic views of the Chiltern hills in Amersham, Buckinghamshire.  Architects, designers and homeowners are drawn to the contemporary showroom and are pleasantly surprised with the hidden gems that coincide within the centre. It is the largest architectural glazing showroom in the UK which houses IQ® Glass and minimal windows® with an assortment of high-end exhibitors such as Urban Fires, Decorum.London and IQ Furniture to name a few. 

Urban Fires Fire Bowl on Love Island 2020


To visit the design centre contact us to book a one on one appointment with a technical advisor to get your project started on the right track.

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