Maximising Design Appeal

24 July 2020

How to add value to your home

Interior and exterior design need to be carefully considered in the housing market, these two key factors are what makes two similarly sized homes have vastly different values. Design focused estate agents The Modern House carried out research that concluded a well designed property in London is expected to be 12% more expensive than properties in the same area without considered designs.

These type of design led homes, if priced under the £1million mark, typically sell for 10% more than the average local home. With houses falling over the £1million category jumping to a 19% increase, significantly higher compared to surrounding houses.

high end contemporary interior design in living room with internal glass balustrade and glass roof

What is it about good design which has house hunters turning their heads and reaching further into their pockets? Design and wellbeing have been intricately linked for many years, with homeowners requiring a property to enhance their lifestyle and its features tailored to their specific needs. Particularly in recent months with the entire country spending more time in their homes, many homeowners have become more attuned to their homes limitations and have identified potential areas for improvement.

There are more movements towards green living than ever before, with government schemes and increased demand for passivhaus designs. Due to the fact that it is becoming less frequent or common to move house, homeowners are looking for quality investments. Consider outlining a carefully selected colour palette at the beginning of the design process and sticking to this throughout the property.

Placement of glazing is a huge factor to consider when designing a home as this could transform an area from dingy and forgotten to brightly lit and welcoming. Using minimal framed or completely frameless glazing, as well as stylish, offers many benefits including high thermal performances.

modern interior design in living room with floor to ceiling glazing

Areas flooded with natural light feel more spacious, breaking down the barrier between indoor and outdoor areas is key for those wanting a better connection to their garden area. Accessible garden areas are high on the list of priorities in property searches.

Consider the relationship between inside and outside spaces, using a door system with a flush threshold helps enhance functionality by granting seamless access between the two areas. Expand your exterior design to an outdoor living experience with furniture designed for gardens or features such as a fire pit from UrbanFires.

Create a good flow of internal space you can use internal glazing from IQ Glass to ensure light flows freely through each area, or simply avoid creating interruptions in open plan layouts. Visually engaging forms, both internally and externally, can drive the design appeal of a house hugely. Gable end windows, or any bespoke shaped glazing designs, make a striking impact.

focus on modern interior design to maximise design appeal with floor to ceiling glazing

For the ultimate luxurious design, integrated smart home systems from IndigoZest are the answer. Creating forward thinking solutions, tailored to homeowners particular needs, is their speciality. Smart home automation can be linked to users’ smartphones for flawless functionality. 

Ultimately, buying a home is an emotional investment as well as a financial one. With our tips for creating a better home you can ensure your home works for you, whilst gaining value through you design.

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