Malbrook Road

6 November 2019

Minimal Windows® Slim Framed Sliding Glass Doors

Tigg+Coll Architects designed Malbrook Road, a rear extension and refurbishment to a family home in Putney.  The couple’s children had recently moved out of the Malbrook Road residence and it was time to upgrade the space to suit their altered lifestyle. The small contemporary glazed extension was a new addition to the semi-detached Victorian home to allow an open-plan space for the kitchen, dining and entertainment area.

 The overall architectural concept was to create a pavilion that effortlessly links the house onto the garden, whilst relating the glazed areas to the position of the sun throughout the day.

“Although we wanted the new extension to feel contemporary in form and use, we also wanted to use a material that would link this new aspect back to the history of the existing building and area as a whole,” – Tigg.

The architects employed a simple palette of materials to tie in with the original Victorian vernacular and combined this with elements of corten steel to encourage a modern look, whilst the brick relates to the character of the main home.  

The use of the award-winning minimal windows® slim framed sliding glass doors were used to add to the drama of the new space and increase the natural daylight into the home and visual connection out.  The outer frames of the glazed sliding doors are able to hide within the wall finishes, leaving only the slim horizontal sightlines visible. 

Tigg consciously chose to emphasize the threshold details between the indoor and outdoor spaces with flush brick framing to enhance the character of the design, which mimics the original Victorian roofscape of the main house. They based the proportions of the structure on the dimensions of a brick, to ensure all openings are framed by full bricks of which have been laid vertically and horizontally. 

minimal windows® are an award-winning product only available from IQ® Glass in the UK, to visit the showroom contact us to book an appointment with one of our technical specialists.

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