Luxury Home Insurance

12 April 2021

Top tips and things to remember when you are looking for household insurance.

Home insurance is often overlooked when it comes to new build or renovation projects. As one of the most important factors to consider, home insurance should be high on your list of priorities when embarking on a project of any scale. Luxury home insurance is designed to offer insurance policies to high value homes, with additional attention to detail that wouldn’t be found in more standard insurance policies.

Christopher Trigg is just one insurance broker that offers private clients tailored insurance, catering for high net worth household items as well as home extensions and high value motors. The policies are designed to suit their clients’ individual needs, with a dedicated private clients team on hand to deal with any specialist requests.

Highly glazed home, overlooking the Australian coast, featuring panoramah! sliding door systems

Many of our exhibitors at the design centre supply and install products of a high net value, from entertainment systems with surround sound and high quality picture, to luxury glazing systems and full glass extensions. Valuable assets like these must be insured against any damages, loss or theft to offer the homeowners peace of mind.

When insuring a luxury house with high value items, you may need a policy with a wider coverage and higher limits. Private client insurance specialises in delivering this, along with less onerous terms and conditions to create a quicker and easier process.

The locking systems on many of the IQ Glass glazing systems are bespoke and can differ from a standard key lock. This means that although the systems go through rigorous security testing and surpass all regulations, some insurers may be reluctant to insure locking systems they are not familiar with. The IQ Glass locking systems are pre-approved with the panel of insurers at Christopher Trigg, offering homeowners a simpler way to benefit from their insurance policies.

Minimal interior design scheme in kitchen dining area of luxury home, with floor to ceiling glass walls

There a few advantages of going with an insurance company specifically tailored to offer private client insurance and one of those benefits is the bespoke advice they can provide. Independent insurance brokers can help to advise on policy cover, options and risk management because they understand that no two houses are the same, nor should their policies be.

Insurance brokers of this nature have dedicated account holders, to deal with the policy from start to end, including any claims. In the event that you need to make a claim, it is not only easier but more personal to speak to the same person throughout the process. Often claims are made in times of distress or following a stressful incident, so speaking to someone you have built a relationship with and instilled trust in can be seen as a comfort.

The availability of policies is generally broader when you opt for private client insurance, allowing you to choose a flexible solution that caters for more complex risks, depending on personal circumstances and needs.

Highly glazed luxury home, featuring floor to ceiling glass across two floors

If you’re embarking on a new build or renovation project, you can visit the showroom to explore everything we have to offer your projects. Our technical sales advisors will be able to guide you through which systems are right for you, as well as recommending a trusted insurance broker.

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