Let’s Take a Look Inside IQ Furniture’s Autumn Sale!

30 September 2019

IQ Furniture’s Autumn Sale is NOW ON and it’s one you will not want to miss!

Showcasing an array of luxurious, designer furniture brands including; Natuzzi, Porada, Leolux, Meridiani and more in their 20,000 sq ft showroom at The Sky House Design Centre you are spoiled for choice with 15% discount off everything. Let’s take a look into their sale and check out some of our top picks!

The Verzelloni Nilson

The Verzelloni Nilson is a model with an innovative design characterized by a high level of comfort. The Nilson sofa is available in a variety of fabrics or leather finishes.

Rialto Glass Sliding Wardrobe

Rialto is a luxurious sliding wardrobe by Studio IQ.  This chic wardrobe will have heads turning with its elegant design and striking appearance. You won’t be disappointed with the size of this wardrobe or how the storage space can be customised. 

Caprera Outdoor Armchair

Caprera is a re-interpretation of the classic steel outdoor chair, but lighter and with scrollwork full of freshness. This chair brings all the comforts of the present to a product steeped in tradition

The Chama Sofa Bed

The Chama Sofa Bed which is a sofa that becomes a futon bed. Chama takes its cue from a futon and pillows. The mattress can be folded or spread out and, as needed, Chama transforms into a sofa and double bed or an armchair and single bed. It can also become a comfortable chaise lounge, set directly on the floor.

The Snap Pouf

The Snap Pouf is a luxury accessory for any living space. This circular pouf is the very best in modern design and is compatible with your living room furniture. You can choose to match your interiors or create a contrast. You won’t want to miss out on your ideal finish with their range of fabrics or leather options.


The effect of the floating, ethereal Air bed is created by the absolute transparency of the extra-clear tempered glass that supports it. The bed seems to levitate off the ground, creating the feeling of sleeping in a cloud. The platform of the bed is suspended on four nearly invisible glass legs that give it a strong feeling of lightness. In all of its sizes, double, single and three-quarter, Air is an elegant, refined bed perfectly suited to any interior.


The Frag Viae coffee and side tables are an eye catching statement piece to give elegance and style to your space, they come with the choice of finishes which allow you to create a uniform interior design within the home.

Tama Secretaire

This stunning contemporary desk with a flap door is available in black lacquered ash. The satin brass detailing, bright liquorice painted tempered glass top and inside back combined with a grey suede writing pad and small boxes can provide an elegance to your home office.

30mm Shelf

30mm is the thickness of the shelf, which can be placed on the floor or suspended and integrates with 36e8 containers, offering functional, modular storage solutions that can maximise space down to the centimetre. A patented installation system is hidden in the side that makes it possible for the first time to suspend a bookshelf. Eliminating structural restrictions lets you create dynamic, expressive forms, adapted to any space and context.

Owen Dining Table

Owen is a luxurious dining table with a modern retro twist. It has a circular table top and a unique base. We offer a variety of finishes for the table top including the base helping you create the ideal table.

Here's a sneak peak into the IQ Furniture showroom!

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