It is Now Easier to Create a House Extension in Bucks

31 May 2019

Permitted development rights allow certain house alterations and extensions to be performed without full planning applications needed, reducing the red tape involved in extending or altering a property. In 2014 these rules were temporarily extended to allow bigger extensions to be created under the scheme.

What is Permitted Development?

Permitted Development Rights were a set of building rights which automatically grant planning permission for certain types of building or alteration works.

Works covered under permitted development rights include single-storey rear extensions, double storey rear extensions, side extensions and loft conversions. There are strict rules that apply to the alterations that can be undertaken using Permitted Development Rights, these include the size of the extension, roof heights, roof pitches and the distance from the perimeter of the extension to the outer walls/boundary of the house.

Properties in conservation areas or listed buildings must apply for full planning permission for extensions.

There are many house renovations that can be undertaken without full planning permission. Read our article below for more information.


Updates to Permitted Development

After a consultation period starting in 2012, the Permitted Development Rights were extended to allow for larger house extensions. The idea was to allow more households to extend their existing home rather than having to move.

The extension to the rights allowed for significantly larger extensions to be built on properties.

Single storey rear extensions could now be up to 8m deep for detached houses (increased from 4m) and 6m deep for semi-detached houses (previously 3m).

After the scope of Permitted Development was temporarily extended in 2013, over 110,000 properties have taken advantage, making additions and extensions to homes at much larger sizes.

Broadened Rights are Now Permanent

In May 2019 the government announced that these extended rules to Permitted Development Rights were being made permanent, making it much easier to complete a house extension in Buckinghamshire.

Under the new and permanent Permitted Development Rights, it is possible to add a 6m single-storey rear extension onto a semi-detached home or an 8m extension onto a detached home without having to go through a full planning application procedure.

These new permanent rights will allow many more households to gain the additional space they need without fighting through the red tape of planning permission applications.

How Can Sky House Help with House Extensions in Bucks?

The Sky House Design Centre is full of experts in home improvement and extension projects. They work with architects, contractors and developers all over the UK to create house extensions that are of extremely high quality.

Whether you are planning a side infill extension, loft extension or double height rear extension, the experts at Sky House are available to help.

Get in touch with us to book your VIP meeting. You can also hire one of our meetings rooms for free to conduct a full project meeting with all members of the project team (the end client, architect, interior designer, garden designer etc).

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