Integrate Umbris with Smart Technology

1 September 2016

The idea of ‘Outdoor Living’ is an attractive prospect to most homeowners, and is a prevalent aspect in most modern residential architectural designs.

By creating external living spaces you can essentially extend your home out into the garden, using the outdoor space for dining, entertaining or just relaxing… if/when the weather allows. 

Using an  Umbris louvre roof  you can create a luxury outdoor living space where the louvres and integrated technologies can be incorporated within your smart home automation for a more user friendly design finish.

For more advanced solar shading include a weather sensor into the smart automation equipment of the louvre roof. These sensors can detect when it is very sunny, moving the louvres to shade your patio. Additionally they can also sense rain and snow to close the louvres, protecting furniture on the patio. 

Opt for integrated lighting and heating to enable your external living area to be used throughout the year. Externally graded power sockets can be integrated into leg supports. You can also integrate a Bluetooth audio system into your Umbris louvre roof structure – perfect for external entertainment areas.

This could ultimately be part of a larger home automation system, for example turning off the music system when you leave the house and activating the alarm on, or turning off the light/heating in the Umbris when no motion is detected.

Additionally, this would allow you to use different music solutions and speakers, for example Sonos, which can be integrated with the Umbris technologies with existing/planned systems.

Contact Sky House Design Centre  for more information about integrating smart home automation into your Umbris louvre roof

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