Indigozest Control4 Experience Showroom

9 May 2018


Amersham Indigozest has fantastic news to share with you. Recently Indigozest Smart Home Technology announced that they are going to be one of the first Control 4 Authorised Showrooms offering the whole Control 4 experience.

'Introducing the simplest ways to control your entire home'

Control4 is the leading provider of Smart Home Control, their systems have been installed in residential and commercial buildings worldwide. Their systems are designed to coordinate technology in your home into complete, brilliant experiences.

Indigozest delivers cutting-edge home technology solutions for a more enhanced lifestyle, simplicity, energy efficiency and safety, taking advantage of the latest innovations to help you live better with maximum comfort.

C4yourself (get it?) at the Sky House Design Centre the latest innovations that smart home technology can offer. Whether it's creating a 'dinnertime' lighting scene with the touch of one button, replacing an abundance of remote controls with just one easy to use interface, to voice commands that can trigger the blinds or open your garage door, Indigozest offers the latest range of fully connected and easy-to-use products.

Indigozest is showcasing their smart home products within Sky House . Experts are on hand to give personalised recommendations and advice on how to make your smart home a reality whilst offering a demonstration to help bring your home to life.

Chhaya, expert from Indigozest says

"Modern living requires a modern approach to how we coordinate and use technology. With a new way to wire and connect our homes, it has also become possible to help us manage all the individual services and technologies that come with it.

If you are at the beginning of a new build or refurbishment it is a good time to speak to us to help you create a solid and secure network infrastructure, consolidate all your Audio Visual so that you can watch TV and listen to music in any room at any time, control temperature per room when you are home or away, lighting, security and CCTV all integrated to respond to your daily activities and offer peace of mind.

There are so many possibilities to suit your lifestyle and also have the ability to adapt and change as your lifestyle does. The important thing to remember is that we take care of the complicated stuff and for you, it will be easy to control, simple to manage and fit into the design of your home."

Come and have a play at our control4 certified showroom , there are many options from a one-room starter experience right through to a whole house smart solution.

Visit the Sky House Design Centre to find the smartest solution for your home

To book an appointment give us a call of 01494 722880 or email

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