Indigozest Case Study - Elstree, private client

7 May 2019

Smart Home System Installation

IndigoZest recently completed the design and installation of a whole-home automation system which included upgrading several existing pieces of equipment. The homeowner had been undergoing a renovation of their home and was looking to increase the number of smart home products and elements that were controlled by a smart home hub within their home.

IndigoZest completed nearly a full house installation which included the integration of CCTV cameras. A full security system wasn't supplied by IndigoZest, however, the existing system was integrated within the Control4 equipment to enable all security elements to be controlled through the same device.

Within the installation, a TV lift, a downstairs cinema, heating, outdoor sound system, lighting control system, and speakers throughout the property were integrated into the home automation system. This enabled all these elements to be fully controllable through a smartphone or control panel.

The TV lift was designed to automatically come down from the ceiling and go back up as and when the homeowner desired. This was fully controllable via voice control through the Alexa device which was also integrated into the Control4 home automation system.

To house all the smart home automation, IndigoZest installed a full equipment rack within the home which contained all the automated products for the system. To see an equipment rack in person, visit IndigoZest’s Control4 certified showroom in Sky House where they have a full-size equipment rack on display.


My builder recommended IndigoZest when I wanted to upgrade some of the kit in my house: the TV, the cinema and security system. I have to say; the guys were great from the start and have been so accommodating throughout the project.

The big thing I wanted was a TV that drops down from the ceiling in my bedroom. I'd been told it couldn't be done, but IndigoZest were all over it. They quickly found the best way of doing it and installed incredibly good equipment that works everytime. Now I just ask Alexa to switch on the TV in the bedroom and the ceiling opens up and it comes right down.

For anyone looking for something similar, or basically any technology in your home, I know IndigoZest will do a great job.

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