IndigoZest 4-Storey Smart Home Automation Installation!

27 July 2020

Luxury Essex Home Benefits From Smart Home Technology Package

Indigozest were tasked with turning this luxurious redeveloped Essex property into a smart home, via numerous automation systems. The client was in the trade industry and was particularly interested in creating a smart home to suit his needs.

A Control4 intercom greets all visitors at the entrance of the property. If the ‘call’ button is pressed, there are various ways the residents can allow them to access the property; touchscreens on multiple floors are immediately rung, and the residents’ mobile devices are notified. Following this notification, the residents can choose to communicate with the visitor by direct video stream and they can open the pedestrian or vehicle gate. Gates can be closed remotely too, meaning that the family can accept deliveries whilst not home. This system delivers the perfect balance between safety and convenience.

control4 smart home installation including intercom with video stream

The automated lighting system is of paramount intelligence; when the residents leave the property and turn the alarm on, it mimics the lighting habits of the absent residents in order to deter intruders. In addition to the sophisticated lighting system, the blinds and curtains will also operate autonomously, furthering the façade that the home is inhabited.

Smart lighting is an essential part of any smart home, which is why Indigozest made the lighting design a prominent feature of the property. Multi-colour LED strips ensure each  area can be tailored to the residents’ mood at the touch of a button.

The lighting system is also fully automated outdoors, with garden and car park lighting turning on at dusk and turning off at 11pm. This keeps the home’s exterior well-lit and the integration between the access control system and the lighting is a great feature for someone arriving at the property.

smart home technology allows automated light s and automated lights to be controlled with the touch of a button

The home also possesses curtains and blind systems, integrated with Control4, which automatically close at dusk and reopen at dawn. The blinds can be operated at any time from the Control4 remote or touchscreen.

A sophisticated audio system provides the home with character, with in-ceiling speakers connected to several Control4 multi-zone amplifiers allowing the client to listen to music throughout the home, including the pool area and summer house.

The homeowners can also stream music directly from their wireless devices through outdoor garden speakers – an underground subwoofer was installed to provide a dispersed, directional sound into the garden.

smart home technology installation with video stream

As a result of the size of the property, the client wanted a centrally-located distributed video system. This was achieved by using a video matrix to send the video around thehome, ensuring that unnecessary clutter was avoided and video content was widely available throughout the house.

One of the most striking features of the property is the home cinema room, installed into the property to aid the client’s passion for film.  A 149” CinemaScope fixed frame perforated 4K screen delivers a quality edge to edge picture, whilst a simple press of a button shifts the lens to a 16.9 format for enjoying general TV programs. The projector is housed within a drop down ceiling lift keeps it hidden when not in use, maintaining a sleek design.

The Control4 touchscreen allows for unparalleled flexibility; the play button on the remote not only starts the movie, but also changes the lighting scene, while the pause and stop buttons revert the lights to the interval scene setting – saving time whilst enhancing the home cinema experience.

home cinema controlled my smart home technology

Due to the client often working from home, Indigozest had to guarantee a safe and reliable internet connection. Therefore, network traffic is segregated in order not to slow down the client’s conference calls, as well as to ensure that their internet demands do not have a negative impact on the performance of the AV system.

Smart technology integration allows heating and AC to heat and cool rooms individually, in order to save energy and ensure complete comfort.

IndigoZest are dedicated to providing the latest smart home automation solutions tailored to your needs. They are experts in creating a design that is both stunning and functional to suit your lifestyle. Their professionalism and commitment to installing secure and reliable smart homes was noticed when they were awarded ‘Control 4 dealer of the year 2019’. Get in touch here to book your showroom visit.

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