How to plan for a conservatory in Buckinghamshire

8 December 2023

Considerations when planning a conservatory

Define your purpose 

If you’re planning to increase the footprint of your property with a conservatory, this is a cost-efficient way of bringing the outdoors in and increasing the value of your Buckinghamshire home. Before delving into specifics identify the purpose of your conservatory. Is it a cozy reading nook, a space for entertaining guests, or an extension of your garden? Determining this will guide subsequent decisions regarding size, layout, and decor. 

So how much does a conservatory cost in Buckinghamshire? 

According to Check-a-Trade, May 2023, a lean to uPVC conservatory will cost around £10,250, whereas the average cost for a lean-to wood conservatory costs around £13,500. If you’re planning to build a Victorian conservatory in Buckinghamshire, then the average cost for uPVC is £12,750, and for wood, you’re looking at a price of about £16,750. An Edwardian lean to conservatory costs in the region of £11,250 for uPVC, or about £15,750 for wood. 

Choose the Right Location 

Consider the orientation and location of your conservatory. South-facing conservatories receive ample sunlight, perfect for plant enthusiasts, while north-facing ones offer more controlled lighting. Evaluate the surroundings, aiming for a spot that complements your lifestyle and offers scenic views. For full south-facing glazed conservatories in Buckinghamshire, shading systems and solar control coatings are recommended to reduce solar gain during the warm season.  

Comply with Regulations 

Familiarise yourself with local building regulations and planning permissions. In Buckinghamshire, certain size restrictions and rules about materials may apply for conservatories. Consulting with local authorities or a professional architect can clarify these requirements. Check out the Government website What permitted development rights  

Design and Layout 

Draft a design that aligns with your vision and the local vernacular in Buckinghamshire. Factor in aspects like the shape, materials, and style. Traditional Victorian or modern glass extensions – the choices are vast. Consider the flow of space, ensuring it integrates seamlessly with the existing structure of your home. 

Different conservatory styles overview 

A ‘lean-to conservatory’ is where the side or rear wall of the property is where the conservatory appears to lean to. This is a great solution for converting unused space or driveways to increase the footprint of your Buckinghamshire home. 

An orangery is a traditional form of conservatory with a Victorian and Edwardian influence with solid structural roofs and large expanses of glazing.  

Orangeries are more expensive than conservatories due to the solid structure and thermal qualities.  

Material Selection 

The choice of materials greatly impacts the conservatory's aesthetics, durability, and insulation. Options range from uPVC to timber and aluminum. Each material has its advantages, so weigh factors like maintenance, cost, and appearance before making a decision on your Buckinghamshire conservatory.  

Glazing and Insulation 

Buckinghamshire's climate necessitates careful consideration of insulation and glazing. With an elevation of 81.22 metres above sea level it is prudent to factor in windloading when designing the structure of a roof and glazing. Opt for energy-efficient glass to regulate temperature and reduce heat loss. Double or triple glazing can enhance insulation, making the conservatory comfortable all year-round. 



Set a realistic budget encompassing construction, materials, furnishings, and any additional expenses. Allocate funds for unforeseen costs to avoid budget overruns during the project. 


Choose Professional Assistance 

Engage reputable architects, builders, or conservatory specialists with experience in Buckinghamshire. Their expertise will streamline the planning process, ensuring compliance with Building Regulations and offering valuable design insights. 


Interior Design 

The interior design is crucial to the overall ambiance. Factor in lighting, flooring, and furnishings that complement the purpose and style of your Buckinghamshire conservatory. Consider plants, comfortable seating, and decor that seamlessly merge the indoor and outdoor feel. 



Plan for regular maintenance to preserve the conservatory's aesthetics and functionality. Understand the upkeep requirements of chosen materials and fixtures to prevent deterioration over time. 


Planning a conservatory in Buckinghamshire demands a balance between aesthetics, functionality, and adherence to regulations. By defining your purpose, selecting the right location, materials, and professionals, and focusing on interior design and maintenance, you can create a stunning conservatory that seamlessly integrates with your home while offering a tranquil retreat to connect with nature. 


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