How to get the best out of the Houzz social platform.

4 May 2020

Houzz is a unique social network that combines image sharing, advice columns and inspiration boards for interior design. We like to think of it as tying together all the best elements from other social media platforms.

The Sky House Design Centre have been winning Houzz badges and awards since 2016 and recently have been awarded the ‘Best of Houzz Design 2020’ badge.

Sky House Best of Houzz 2020 Certificate

Having awards and badges helps a Houzz profile to be discovered, this is particularly key for this platform as it can be used as a search engine to find trusted professionals in specific sectors. Profile’s that have earned badges are seen as more trusted companies when discovered via the Houzz search engine, we want to do everything we can to ensure our professional service is reflected through our online presence.

The ‘Find Professionals’ feature on Houzz allows users to search for very specific needs and tailor the search by service, supplier or design. By searching this way, users can select all the categories they want to apply to their search results and find unique solutions to get in contact with.

As a design centre that houses such a broad range of design professionals exhibiting, it is important for us to be able to separate our different brands to showcase them to their full potential. The Houzz platform allows us to do this through ‘Projects’ and ‘Idea books’ by allowing images to be displayed in separate groups on our profile’s homepage, similar to a Pinterest board.

On the Houzz homepage, you can save images, for inspiration and to reference when seeking professional advice. Within the photo tool, you can search via room, with specifics such as hallway & landing available to select. By selecting the category for our images when we upload them, we can ensure they are found under the relevant search options.

The news and blog section of Houzz can be found under the ‘Stories’ heading. Here users can discover blog posts containing tips and guides, with images and companies featured from the broad Houzz site. As a recognised Houzz influencer, images from Sky House Design Centre are frequently featured in the Houzz stories, the images we upload are used as examples, showcasing our exhibitor’s luxury products and increasing traffic to our profile.

The last and most unique feature that Houzz has to offer business’ like ours is the advice section. This allows users to post about their dilemmas or ask for technical advice and business accounts to view the topics relevant to them. This way, a business’ can reply to the threads offering support or advice whether verbally or by product recommendations.

The advice part of the site can be segmented by categories such as room or specific problem, users can search to see if others have had the same issues or sought the same advice before starting a new thread.

Whether you’re a business looking for exposure or a homeowner seeking design inspiration, Houzz has a lot to offer in a specialist way. Head to the Sky House Design Centre Houzz profile to discover our images, find inspiration or read our reviews.

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