How can I integrate Smart Home Automation into my house plan?

11 May 2023

Smart automation systems an essential Design feature?

Smart Home Automation is an increasingly popular addition to home renovation projects and new build houses.

Degrees of smart home automation can vary from simply controlling your heating from a smart phone app to complete automation throughout a home.

Full smart home automation uses a centrally managed, intelligent mini server to act as a ‘brain’ for the home with sensors and monitors throughout the space. Early planning is important when integrating smart home automation. You need to ensure that you have a good cabling infrastructure in place to allow for any future upgrades of changes in the home as well as high speed internet access. The central ‘hub’ needs to be housed in a safe and well ventilated space.

Why smart home automation is becoming ever more popular and what to consider

Smart homes are here to stay. The growing pervasiveness and affordability of smart home technology means that more homeowners than ever are relying on automation to help save energy and cut costs around the house.

The key to getting the most out of your smart home is to look for a centrally managed solution that’s simple to control. Our lives are busier than ever with more technology and gadgets filling our homes by the day - you don’t want to add several apps or complex switches to the mix!

If you’re planning a smart home, it’s important to think of the future and choose a solution that can be adapted and extended should circumstances change. Consider installing cable conduit to lofts, gardens and garages to accommodate future technologies. Use sensors for multiple functions. A motion sensor can be integrated into your security system and be used for controlling lighting and audio too. That’s intelligent automation!

By thinking about these smart home devices early on in a building project all wiring can be done with the first fix electrics, saving time and money.

Once up and running a full automated smart home can be controlled via a smart phone app. You can control lighting, CCTV, alarm systems, blinds, access controls, audio visual, kitchen appliances heating, all from your smart phone either remotely or from the bathroom!

Modern smart home automation systems can also monitor your home to improve your energy efficiency and maximise the power use of any photovoltaic or green energy generators.

Fully integrated electronic access controls can also be combined into any smart home automation system. If you have an access video monitor you can be alerted to the visitor through your phone, view your access camera to see who is visiting and open the gate or door, all from your phone.

If you are out of the home you could even open the garage to receive a parcel.

Electronic heated glass by IQ Glass can also be controlled remotely from a smart phone app,  meaning you can turn your heating on before you arrive home for a warm welcome.

Contact Sky House Design Centre or any of our members for more information about including smart home automation into your building design.

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