How can I Increase the Value of my Home?

30 March 2015

Factors that affect the value your home

Most home owners improve or renovate homes with an end hope to increase the value of their home, even if they aren’t planning on selling for many years.

Sarah Cassidy started Place Estate Agents in 2009 with an alternative, more customer focused approach to estate agency focused on the local Buckinghamshire area.

Below Sarah gives her advice for home owners about how what factors can affect the value of a home.

#AsktheExpert: Sarah Cassidy, Managing Director of Place Estate Agents

The number one determination in the cost and value of a home will be the location, there isn’t much you can do to a home to change the location of your home unless it is on wheels but aspects like the distance to local shops, quality of surrounding schools, the views from the property and the traffic on the outside road will all be factors in the home’s value.

Clever and well planned upgrades to your home will affect the value of the home. You don’t necessarily have to extend the property but a new kitchen with the latest appliances or an upgraded bathroom will certainly move a property to the top end of the sale price range.

Keeping designs clean and simple will appeal to the widest audience and therefore increase the value of these upgrades and additions to home’s value.

Extending or major internal works can increase the value of a home quite significantly but are obviously expensive changes to make. The added value will depend on the area you are in but clever use of space is important here. There is no point making a three bed house into a four bed home if you all you end up with is two miniscule bedrooms. The use of an architect for any large building works is invaluable in making the best use of your space.

If you are extending ensure that all additions and building works have the relevant planning permissions and documentation as a potential buyer will need to weigh up the cost of putting this right.

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